1st Edition

Who Put the Spell into Spelling? An Illustrated Storybook to Support Children with Fun Rules for Tricky Spellings

By Georgie Cooney Copyright 2020
    94 Pages 46 Color Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    *This storybook should be used alongside the workbook, Supporting Children With Fun Rules for Tricky Spellings*

    This beautifully illustrated storybook has been created to support learners who, after acquiring the basics of reading and writing, have struggled to organically grasp the rules that govern spelling in the English language. The colourful storybook tells the story of the ‘Super Spelling School for Letters’, and the teacher who helps all the students come together to make words. Twenty-two of the most important spelling rules are explored and given meaning through the engaging story; each followed by a ‘quick quiz’ to help solidify the rule in the long-term memory. Additionally, there is an activity for each rule which includes reading, spelling and writing in context. This is in the workbook Fun Rules for Tricky Spellings available within this set.

    Key features include:

    • An engaging story that connects the spelling rules together and gives them meaning, making them easier to remember
    • Quirky and colourful illustrations, allowing children to visualise the spelling rules and the way they work in the English language

    Developed with feedback from teachers and students, this is an invaluable resource for teachers and parents looking to support learners who find spelling a challenge, or who are learning English as an additional language.


    Alphabet Rainbow

    Rule 1: Magic E

    Rule 2: V comes before e

    Rule 3: Y sounds like ‘i’

    Rule 4: Y sounds like /ee/

    Rule 5: Doubling L, S, Z and F

    Rule 6: C before K

    Rule 7: T, C and H

    Rule 8: S before H

    Rule 9: S makes plurals

    Rule 10: E and S make plurals

    Rule 11: F is replaced by VES

    Rule 12: I, E, S make plurals

    Rule 13: O can end some words

    Rule 14: A can introduce words

    Rule 15: A and N join together

    Rule 16: I is a word

    Rule 17: i comes before e except after c

    Rule 18: U after Q

    Rule 19: W can change vowel sounds

    Rule 20: T can end irregular verbs

    Rule 21: Copycat C

    Rule 22: ‘Y’s sound

    Quick Quiz Answers


    Georgie Cooney currently lives and works in Ireland. She works for the Dyslexia Association of Ireland (DAI) and teaches students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs).

    Georgie has a website (Dyslexia Spell), which helps to give more information about her work and this can be found at: www.dyslexiaspell.com

    You can also find useful tips and advice on her youtube channel: dyslexiaspell and follow her on instagram or Facebook at dyslexiaspell.