1st Edition

Willy and the Wobbly House A Story for Children Who are Anxious or Obsessional

By Margot Sunderland Copyright 2001
    28 Pages
    by Speechmark

    28 Pages
    by Speechmark

    This is a story for children who are anxious or obsessional. Willy is an anxious boy who experiences the world as a very unsafe, wobbly place where anything awful might happen at any time. Joe, the boy next door, is too ordered and tidy to be able to ever really enjoy life. Follow their adventures with the Puddle People who help them break out of their fixed patterns and find far richer ways of living in the world.

    Willy and the Wobbly House


    Margot Sunderland

    "Sunderland's whole series is excellent. I find I recommend each one... Good writing, wonderful artwork, a real impetus to use the material" — Adoption Today

    "A vital resource for all parents and child professionals" — Families Magazine

    "Margot's books are digestible teaching aids for anyone working with children - a resource that would be beneficial inevery school both for qualified and non-qualified staff." — Special Children

    "Beautifully illustrated, the story is simple and the characters likeable, if sad... The author presents clear descriptions of what it is like to be an anxious and obsessive child. She offers precis after precis of how such children may present, with illustrations from children showing how they perceive their worlds, and quotes very usefully from US and UK research... This is an impressive book, and I will purchase it because I thought the guidebook itself very useful indeed." — Adoption Today

    "The accompanying guide book will be a vital resource...offers photocopiable creative and imaginative exercises." — Social Spectrum