1st Edition

Wind Power for the World The Rise of Modern Wind Energy

Edited By Preben Maegaard, Anna Krenz, Wolfgang Palz Copyright 2013
    676 Pages 388 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

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    This book sheds light on how the modern 3-bladed wind turbine came into being, and who, how and what in the proceeding period caused the success. It looks back over three decades to find the roots of this exciting development, a long cavalcade of developers, inventors, and manufacturers including the Danish authors who themselves were part of the breakthrough. Written for non-specialists, the book covers minimal science, emphasizing the story of how wind power became a worldwide 30-billion-euro business employing nearly one million people.

    Preface from Series Editor, Wolfgang Palz

    Acknowledgements, Anna Krenz

    Introduction, Preben Maegaard

    The Wind Power Story, Ross Jackson

    Forty Years of Wind Energy Development, H.J.M. (Jos) Beurskens

    History of Danish Wind Power, Benny Christensen

    The aerodynamical research on windmill sails by Poul la Cour, 1896-1900, Povl-Otto Nissen

    Networks of Wind Energy Enthusiasts and The Development of The "Danish Concept", Katherine Dykes

    A Personal Story About Danish Pioneering of Modern Wind Power, Prof. Emeritus Niels I. Meyer

    From Energy Crisis to Industrial Adventure – a Chronicle, Preben Maegaard

    The Emergence of Wind, Erik Grove-Nielsen

    From Herborg Blacksmith to Vestas, Henrik Stiesdal

    From Danregn to Bonus, Egon Kristensen

    Vind-Syssel 1985-1990, Flemming Østergaard

    The Story of Dencon, Bent Gregersen

    Water Brake Windmills, Jørgen Krogsgaard

    Cooperative Energy Movement in Copenhagen, Jens H. Larsen

    Danish Small Wind Power, Jane Kruse

    Consigned to Oblivion, Preben Maegaard

    Hütter’s Heritage – The Stuttgart School, Bernward Janzing and Jan Oelker

    Overview of German Wind Industry Roots, Arne Jaeger

    Direct Drive Wind Turbines, Prof. Dr. Friderich Klinger

    How early 80’s Micro- and Power-Electronics Innovation in Germany Revolutionized Wind Energy Systems, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Sachau

    How the Electricity Feed-In Law (Stromeinspeisungsgesetz) Came to Be Passed by the German Parliament, Enabling Renewable Energies to Establish Their Position in the Market, Ulrich Jochimsen

    Wind, Women, Art, Acceptance, Brigitte Schmidt

    California – Wind Farms Retrospective, Arne Jaeger

    Emergence of Wind Energy: The University of Massachusetts, James Manwell

    An American Personal Perspective, Steven B. Smiley and Susan J. Kopka

    Residential Wind by Way of Illustration, Igor Avkshtol

    Wind Power in China: Chasing the Dream that Creates Value, Qin Haiyan

    Rising Wind Power Industry of XEMC, Zhou Jianxiong


    Preben Maegaard is a Danish renewable energy pioneer, author and expert.

    Anna Krenz is an artist, architect, and editor.

    Wolfgang Palz is chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy.