1st Edition

Wind and Solar Energy Applications Technological Challenges and Advances

Edited By Satish Kumar Peddapelli, Peter Virtic Copyright 2023
    374 Pages 302 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book examines the recent advances, from theoretical and applied perspectives, addressing the major issues associated with renewable energy systems, with each chapter covering fundamental issues and latest developments. This book covers important themes, including solar energy equipment, wind and solar energy systems, energy storage and bioenergy applications, hybrid renewable energy systems, as well as the measurement techniques that are used for these systems. Further, it focusses on original research outcomes on various technological developments and provides insights to taxonomy of challenges, issues, and research directions in renewable energy applications.


    • Covers research and technological developments in wind and solar energy applications
    • Proposes resolution of limitations and performance issues of existing system models and design
    • Incorporates the challenges of adoption of renewable energies system
    • Provides hypotheses, mathematical analysis, and real-time practical applications to practical problems
    • Includes case studies of implementation of solar and wind systems in remote areas

    This book is aimed at researchers, professionals, and graduate students in electrical and mechanical engineering and renewable energy.

    1 Investigation of Offshore Wind Energy Potential across Three Southern Coastal Regions in India

    Saravana Venkatesh G, Amutha N, and N. Kumutha

    2 Power Quality Enhancement of Fixed- and Variable-Speed WEGS Using HSAPF Based on 5-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter and Fuzzy Logic Controller

    Seema Agrawal and Mahendra Kumar

    3 Forecasting of Wind Power Using Hybrid Machine Learning Approach

    Mahaboob Shareef Syed, Ch.V. Suresh, B. Sreenivasa Raju, M. Ravindra Babu, and Y. S. Kishore Babu

    4 Improving Power Quality of Modern Hybrid Polygeneration SOFC- and PMSG-Based WES Using ANN-Controlled UPQC

    Ch. Siva Kumar

    5 Review on Reconfiguration Techniques to Track Down the Maximum Power Under Partial Shadings

    V. Ramu, P. Satish Kumar, and G. N. Srinivas

    Electric Vehicles – Past, Present, and Future

    A. Jagadeeshwaran and H. Shree Kumar

    7 Onboard Electric Vehicle Charger in G2V and V2G Modes Based on PI, PR, and SMC Controllers with Solar PV Charging Circuit

    Premchand Mendem and Satish Kumar Gudey

    8 Experimental Investigation on Hybrid Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Collector System

    P Narasimha Siva Teja, S. K . Gugulothu, and B . Bhasker

    9 Concentrated Solar Integrated Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Wastes and Algal Feedstock: Recent Advances and Challenges

    Namrata Sengar, Matthew Pearce, Christopher Sansom, Xavier Tonnellier, and Heather Almond

    10 Integrated PV-Wind-Battery-Based Single-Phase System

    B. Mangu, P. Satish Kumar, and A. Jayaprakash

    11 Modeling of Power Management Strategy Using Hybrid Energy Generating Sources

    Hinal Surati

    12 Photovoltaic Transformerless Inverter Topologies for Grid-Integrated High-Efficiency Applications

    Ahmad Syed, S. Tara Kalyani, Xiaoqiang Guo, and Freddy Tan Kheng Suan

    13 Performance Analysis of Rooftop Grid-Connected Solar PV System Under Net Metering System: A Case Study

    T. Bramhananda Reddy, G. Sreenivasa Reddy, and Y. V. Siva Reddy

    14 Isolated Bidirectional Dual Active Bridge (DAB) Converter for Photovoltaic System: An Overview

    Nishit Tiwary, Venkataramana Naik N, Anup Kumar Panda, Rajesh Kumar Lenka, and Ankireddy Narendra

    15 Sustainable Energy Management in Lighting Urban Public Places

    Melita Rozman Cafuta and Peter Virtič

    16 A Review on Multiobjective Control Schemes of Conventional Hybrid DC/AC Microgrid

    S. Mamatha and G. Mallesham

    17 Recent Advancements in Solar Thermal Technology for Heating and Cooling Applications

    Sunita Mahavar

    18 Developments in Wide-Area Monitoring for Major Renewables: Wind and Solar Energy

    S. Behera and B. B. Pati

    19 Solving Issues of Grid Integration of Solar and Wind Energy Models by Using a Novel Power Flow Algorithm

    R. Satish, K. Vaisakh, and Almoataz Y. Abdelaziz

    20 Multifunctional PV-Integrated Bidirectional Off-Board EV Battery Charger Targeting Smart Cities

    Rajesh Kumar Lenka, Anup Kumar Panda, Venkataramana Naik N, Laxmidhar Senapati, and Nishit Tiwary

    21 Integration of Wind, Solar, and Pumped Hydro Renewable Energy Sources in Rayalaseema Region: A Case Study

    Y.V. Siva Reddy, T. Bramhananda Reddy, and E. Sanjeeva Rayudu

    22 Photovoltaic-Based Hybrid Integration of DC Microgrid into Public Ported Electric Vehicle

    S. Pragaspathy, V. Karthikeyan, R. Kannan, N. S. D Prakash Korlepara, and Mr. Bekkam Krishna

    23 Battery Packs in Electric Vehicles

    Antonio Peršić

    24 Alternative Wind Energy Turbines

    Andrej Predin, Matej Fike, Marko Pezdevšek, and Gorazd Hren

    25 MPPT Controller for Partially Shaded Solar PV System

    M. Subashini and M. Ramaswamy

    26 Adaptive Control of Smart Microgrid Using AI Techniques

    Krishna Degavath and Mallesham Gaddam


    Satish Kumar Peddapelli, Peter Virtic