1st Edition

Wisdom'S Passing

By S. Porter Copyright 1989
    314 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 1989. Wisdom's Passing is at once a history, commentary, and blueprint for positive change unlike any other book on education in the last quarter century. The author offers his recommendations to seek to provide an evolutionary reform rather than the typical 'new method' that will solve problems with the American Education system.

    I. Preface II. Chapter One: The Socio-political Context of American Education after World War II A. The end of white Western colonialism B. The East/West schism C. Changing economic patterns D. Technological impact E. Changes in the quality of life F. Domestic political instability G. The pace of change itself H. Further implications of post-1945 life for education III. Chapter Two: The Structure and Governance of American Public Education A. A philosophical perspective B. Some historical roots of American educational governance C. Comparisons of educational governance D. Comments, suggestions, and thoughts IV. Chapter Three: Unions and American Education A. How did education unions come to be? B. Public views of teacher unions in the 1980's C. Issues and suggestions for educational unionism V. Chapter Four: Behind the Scenes - Beyond the Classroom A. Educational economics B. Teacher training and evaluation C. The impact of religion on contemporary schooling D. Educational social engineering VI. Chapter Five: Inside the School - Inside the Classroom A. Student behavior and educational attitudes 1. What is going on 2. Contributing factors and courses of action B. Grouping and grading 2. Grading C. Curriculum VII. Afterword


    Dr. Porter has B.S., M.A., Ph.D., and P.D. degrees in fine arts and educational administration from leading college and university centers in New York State. He has been teaching and serving as an ad­ministrator since 1967 on both college and public school levels. Since 1969 he has published over 300 articles, approximately 100 musical works, and five textbooks. His writings have sold in the tens of thousands yearly, both domestically and abroad. Currently he is a public school administrator in New York State.