1st Edition

Within and Beyond Citizenship Borders, Membership and Belonging

Edited By Roberto G. Gonzales, Nando Sigona Copyright 2017
    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    188 Pages
    by Routledge

    Within and Beyond Citizenship brings together cutting-edge research in sociology and social anthropology on the relationship between immigration status, rights and belonging in contemporary societies of immigration. It offers new insights into the ways in which political membership is experienced, spatially and bureaucratically constructed, and actively negotiated and contested in the everyday lives of citizens and non-citizens. Themes, concepts and ideas covered include:

    • The shifting position of the non-citizen in contemporary immigration societies;
    • The intersection of human mobility, immigration control and articulations of citizenship;
    • Activism and everyday practices of membership and belonging;
    • Tension in policy and practice between coexisting traditions and regimes of rights;
    • Mixed status families, belonging and citizenship;
    • The ways in which immigration status (or its absence) intersects with social cleavages such as age, class, gender and ‘race’ to shape social relations.

    This book will appeal to academics and practitioners working in the disciplines of Social and Political Anthropology, Sociology, Social Policy, Human Geography, Political Sciences, Citizenship Studies and Migration Studies.

    1. Mapping the Soft Borders of Citizenship: An Introduction, (Roberto G. Gonzales and Nando Sigona)
    2. Citizenship’s Shadow: Obscene Inclusion, Abject Belonging or the Regularities of Irregularity, (Nicholas De Genova)
    3. Spaces of Legal Ambiguity: Central American Immigrants, ‘Street-level Workers’, and Belonging, (Cecilia Menjívar) 
    4. Till Deportation Do Us Part: The Effect of U.S. Immigration Law on Mixed-status Couples’ Experience of Citizenship, (Jane Lilly López)
    5. Spaces of inclusion or exception? The Experience and Regulation of Citizenship in a Space of Irregular Il/legalities in Istanbul, (Kristen Biehl)
    6. Citizenship Acts: Legality, Power and the Limits of Political Action, (Irene Bloemraad, Heidy Sarabia and Angela Fillingim)
    7. Squatting as a Practice of Citizenship: The Experiences of Moroccan Immigrant Women in Rome, (Rosa Parisi)
    8. Voice Matters: Calling for Victimhood, Shared Humanity and Citizenry of Irregular Migrants in Norway, (Synnøve Bendixsen)
    9. Marching Beyond Borders: The Transnational Mobilization of Undocumented Immigrants in Europe, (Thomas Swerts)
    10. Boundary Practices of Citizenship: Europe’s Roma at the Securitization and Citizenship Nexus, (Huub van Baar)
    11. The Unworthy Citizen: A Brief Commentary, (Bridget Anderson and Matthew Gibney)


    Roberto G. Gonzales is Assistant Professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

    Nando Sigona is Senior Birmingham Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham and Deputy Director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity.

    "Within and Beyond Citizenship assembles a stellar cast of scholars to examine crucial issues of citizenship, membership, and related forms of inclusion and exclusion across geographical spaces. Its focus on the emotions associated with the quotidian expressions of citizenship is as inspiring as are the revelations of strategies of survival, both individual and through social movements. It is necessary reading." - Gurminder K Bhambra, Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick

    "Within and Beyond Citizenship is a rich set of essays that interrogates the traditional binary of (equal) citizens/and (powerless) non-citizens. The authors show that non-citizens, despite their precariousness, participate in political activities that contest state policies and dominant discourses. In so doing, non-citizens contribute to a re-conceptualization of the meaning and practices of citizenship." - T. Alexander Aleinikoff, Henry Arnhold Professor and Director of the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, The New School

    "This tightly coordinated collection is, effectively, a handbook for the new critical migration studies. Working a rich seam of theoretical analyses on the ambiguities of societal membership faced by migrants and movers, the authors bring the everyday exclusions and resistances of the illegal, the transient, and the precarious, to the centre of the very notion of citizenship. Chillingly, they show how, as a vector for sovereign power, the enactment of national citizenship today is more often than not a tool of differentiation, stratification and domination." - Adrian Favell, Chair in Sociology and Social Theory, University of Leeds