1st Edition

Women, Crime and Justice in Context Contemporary Perspectives in Feminist Criminology from Australia and New Zealand

Edited By Anita Gibbs, Fairleigh Gilmour Copyright 2022
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    Women, Crime and Justice in Context presents contemporary feminist approaches to key issues in criminal justice. It draws together key researchers from Australia and New Zealand to offer a context-specific textbook that covers all of the major debates in the discipline in an accessible way.

    This book examines both the foundational texts and cutting-edge contributions to the topic and acknowledges the unique challenges and debates in the local Australian and New Zealand context. Written as an entry-level text, it introduces undergraduate students to key theories and debates on the topics of offending, victimization and the criminal justice system. It explores key topics in feminist criminology with chapters exploring sex work, prison abolitionism, community punishment, media representations of crime and victims, and the impacts of digital technology on gendered violence. Centring on an intersectional approach, the book includes chapters that focus on disability, queer criminology, indigenous perspectives, migration and service-user perspectives. The book concludes by exploring future directions in feminist approaches to crime and justice.

    This book will be essential reading for undergraduates studying feminist criminology, gender and crime, queer criminology, socio-legal studies, intersectionality, sociology and criminal justice.

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Fairleigh Evelyn Gilmour and Anita Gibbs

    Chapter 2. Feminist criminology

    Fairleigh Evelyn Gilmour

    Chapter 3. Gender and victimology: A necessary pairing

    Jan Jordan

    Chapter 4. Gender, criminal law and violence against women: Mapping the limits of legal interventions and approaches to reform

    Kate Fitz-Gibbon

    Chapter 5. Women in the criminal justice system

    Kate Seymour

    Chapter 6. Sex work, feminism and the legal system: Aotearoa in a global context

    Lynzi Armstrong

    Chapter 7. Women, crime and the media

    Fairleigh Evelyn Gilmour

    Chapter 8. Violence against women in true crime podcasts: Beyond representation and on to justice in the late-modern landscape

    Laura Vitus

    Chapter 9. Restorative justice in the context of gender-based violence and harm

    Andrea Păroşanu

    Chapter 10. Punishment in the community: Community sentences and gender

    Anita Gibbs

    Chapter 11. Post-prison experiences and women

    Kirsten Gibson

    Chapter 12. Women, incarceration and settler colonial control

    Tracey McIntosh

    Chapter 13. Queer criminology

    Angela Dwyer

    Chapter 14. Women and girls with neurodisabilities and mental health issues in the criminal justice system

    Anita Gibbs

    Chapter 15. "Nothing about us, without us": Centring the voices of criminalised women

    Debbie Kilroy and Suzi Quixley

    Chapter 16. Women and crimmigration

    Brandy Cochrane

    Chapter 17. Feminist prison abolitionism

    Ti Lamusse

    Chapter 18. Conclusion

    Anita Gibbs and Fairleigh Evelyn Gilmour


    Anita Gibbs is a Professor of Criminology and Social Work at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

    Fairleigh Gilmour is Lecturer in Criminology and Gender Studies at the University of Otago, New Zealand.