1st Edition

Working with Trans Voice A Guide to Support and Inspire New, Developing and Established Practitioners

By Matthew Mills, Sean Pert Copyright 2024
    182 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    182 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    This book is an essential resource for those new to, developing and established in the field of trans voice. Presented in a workbook style and packed with practical exercises for the practitioner to engage with, it explores and explains how to work with clients effectively, while also developing vital cultural knowledge and fundamental skills in voice coaching that will help the practitioner develop insight into and support each person’s unique journey.

    Matthew Mills and Sean Pert draw on their wealth of experience to encourage the reader to consider what gender means to them, and how gender performance may be taken for granted by people whose gender identity aligns with their sex assigned at birth. The key learning points of this book are illustrated by guiding comments from trans and non-binary people with lived, practical and clinical experience

    Based on the latest expert practice and informed by the experiences of the clients themselves, Working with Trans Voice allows speech and language therapists and other professionals interested in supporting trans and gender-diverse people to develop the confidence to work with their clients in partnership and solidarity.

    1. Working with Yourself  2. Meeting with the Trans Community  3. Collaborating in Trans Voice and Communication Therapy  Appendix I: Voice & Communication Initial Appointment Proforma  Appendix II: Voice & Communication Initial Appointment forms (examples)  Appendix: III: Session Suggestions (individual and group)  Appendix IV: My Journey of Voice Development Map  Appendix V: Activity Suggestions


    Matthew Mills (he, him) is a Lead Consultant Speech and Language Therapist, and Head of Speech and Language Therapy at the London Gender Identity Clinic, where he has worked since 2009. He is a National Adviser in Trans Voice for the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, founder member of the Trans Voice Clinical Excellence Network and External Examiner for the Voice Studies MA/MFA at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Matthew is current President of the British Association of Gender Identity Specialsts (BAGIS).

    Sean Pert (he, him) is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester and Consultant Speech and Language Therapist for the Indigo Gender Service. He has also won the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ Sternberg Award for Clinical Innovation, for his work developing voice and communication intensive groups for trans people involving student volunteers. Sean is currently Chair of the RCSLT.

    "In over two decades of clinical practice in this field, I have never encountered a practical guide that so perfectly ‘gives voice’, both literally – Mills and Pert are acclaimed consultants in Speech & Language Therapy – and in the sense that it firmly centres the lived experience and expertise of trans and non-binary individuals. As such, I consider this essential reading, not just for vocal practitioners and gender clinicians but for everyone who works with or simply wants to better understand gender-diverse people."

    Dr Stuart Lorimer, Consultant Psychiatrist and Senior Gender Specialist

    "This is an invaluable resource for voice practitioners at every level of experience, as well as for other disciplines working within trans healthcare.This workbook enables an exploratory and reflective approach to voice and communication work for Voice practitioners. The voice and wisdom of the community interlocutors is interwoven throughout, embracing true partnership working. This is a must for our continuing professional development; the workbook will increase the communicative confidence for all that engage with it."

    Nazlin Kurji-Smith
    (She/Her/Hers), Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist and National Adviser in Trans Voice for the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

    "Do we need another book on working with trans voice?’. What I found to my delight on reading Mills & Pert’s book was that yes, we do. This book follows the pattern of weaving in interlocutors from the trans community, and the diversity of voices and expertise is invaluable. The format invites the reader to take a deep dive into self-examination and to ‘do the work’. This sense of journey fosters a deeper empathy with the journey of our clients. We are not let off lightly, even though there is support to be light and kind to ourselves as we consider our own identity, attitudes and biases and as we explore our own voices. The ground is thus well-nurtured to grow our own practice and to tear up the rule book should we choose."

    Gillie Stoneham, Consultant SLT in Trans Voice & Communication

    "This book is a useful resource for Speech and Language Therapists, not only those who are new to working with trans voice but also those who wish to develop their skills in supporting trans and non-binary people. Trans people benefit from informed clinicians, with the knowledge and skills to facilitate authentic communication. "Working with Trans Voice" will allow therapists to provide good, culturally sensitive clinical care, that meets the needs of trans people."

    Dr Helen Greener, Consultant in Gender Dysphoria

    'This entry in the Working With series endeavours to enable newer and more experienced clinicians alike to deliver gender-affirming voice therapy to trans and non-binary individuals. This book is a workbook, and asks us not to ‘skip to the exercises’, but to engage thoughtfully in material that will transform voice exercises into voice therapy.' 

    Mary Moos, Advanced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, from the foreword.

    'What will strike you overwhelmingly from reading this book is how the authors have captured the voices of lived experience from trans and gender diverse people. Their experiences permeate the text adding invaluable context and richness to the practical exercises and activities in each chapter.’

    Dr Kate Nambiar, Gender Clinician & Endocrinology Specialist, Welsh Gender Service, from the foreword.