1st Edition

Working with Boys Creating Cultures of Mutual Respect in Schools

By Andrew Hampton Copyright 2023
    124 Pages
    by Routledge

    124 Pages
    by Routledge

    When peer-on-peer sexual abuse becomes commonplace in schools, society has a problem. The toxic attitudes and behaviour some boys display towards girls and women begin with the way those boys relate to each other, especially in school. This book offers an in-depth analysis of the problems facing boys and gives teachers the tools to help boys create relational cultures that are mutually respectful.

    Part One of the book looks at how boys relate to each other and how that affects the way they relate to girls and women. Part Two outlines a programme that can be delivered, lesson by lesson, to pupils aged 9 to 18. The programme covers specific lesson topics that can be adapted for different age groups, including:

    • Anger
    • Banter
    • Fear of humiliation
    • Boy hierarchies
    • Jostling and consent
    • Crying and emotional expression
    • Lifestyle choices

    Working with Boys is a whole-school, iterative programme of study that uses guided reflection to empower boys to self-regulate their attitudes and behaviour. This book is essential reading for school leaders and teachers who want to promote a school environment in which boys are consistently principled, honourable, noble, trustworthy, upright and dignified.


    Foreword by Dr Emily Setty

    About the Author

    About this Book

    Part One

    Chapter 1 - The problem…

    Chapter 2 - What boys fear most

    Chapter 3 - Who’s on top?

    Chapter 4 - Humour is no laughing matter

    Chapter 5 - Masculinity and the age of loss of innocence

    Chapter 6 - Motivating boys

    Chapter 7 - Competition and fear of failure

    Chapter 8 - Listening to the Pupil Voice

    Chapter 9 - Guided Reflection

    Chapter X - Pornography

    Chapter 11 - Football!

    Chapter 12 - PE Teachers

    Chapter 13 - Parental attitudes

    Part Two



    Lesson One






    Behaviour types


    Crying and emotional expression


    Jostling and consent


    Lifestyle Choices

    Part Three

    Audit tools



    Andrew Hampton was a headteacher for 18 years and taught PSHE and Music for 35 years. His award-winning approach for supporting girls’ friendships in school – ‘Girls on Board’ - has been adopted by thousands of teachers and hundreds of schools all over the world.

    ‘This book doesn’t pull any punches as it describes how our current strategies for nurturing, encouraging and attempting to motivate boys are failing.  It explores why and suggests practical strategies for how we can address and improve the situation, encouraging boys to embrace ‘gentle’ masculinity in preference to ‘sour’ masculinity. This is a brave book. It’s also potentially life changing."

    Dr Jill Berry - Educationalist 

    "This is a much-needed book and the timing is perfect. There is too much toxic masculinity in society and I am hopeful this book will make people rethink."

    Marylin Hawes - Founder of Freedom From Abuse

    "Hampton writes as if he is in my head; it’s incredible."

    Sam Browne - Year 13, Southend High School for Boys