1st Edition

Workplace Bullying in Higher Education

Edited By Jaime Lester Copyright 2013
    178 Pages
    by Routledge

    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    Higher education leaders, managers, human resource professionals, faculty, and staff increasingly face uncivil, bullying behaviors in academe. This can manifest itself as constant public humiliation by a new department chair, exclusion of a contingent faculty member, undermining of work performance by a supervisor, stalking by a staff member, or taunting. As higher education institutions continue to face budget issues and external pressure, the incidences of bullying are on the rise. This edited volume provides guidance on the nature and impact of bullying, legal and ethical issues, and approaches to assist leaders in facing these challenges in their colleges and universities.

    Research-based chapters cover the impact of bullying on the workforce, the ways that bullying manifests within different sub-cultures and at different institutions including community colleges, the legal and ethical issues of bullying, and recommendations to address bullying on campus. Exploring bullying policies and innovative programs, this book provides a better understanding of how to rethink current policies and practices to proactively create more civil cultures. Workplace Bullying in Higher Education is a valuable resource for all higher education leaders and professionals on understanding, mediating, and preventing bullying.

    Chapter 1: Bullying in Higher Education:What Current Research, Theorizing, and Practice Tell Us, Loraleigh Keashly & Joel H. Neuman  

    Chapter 2: Workplace Bullying: Does Tenure Change Anything? The Example of a Midwestern Research University, Susan Taylor

    Chapter 3: Sexual Harassment, Racist Jokes, and Homophobic Slurs: When Bullies Target Identity Groups, Margaret W. Sallee & Crystal R. Diaz

    Chapter 4: Professional Staff in Academia: Academic Culture and the Role of Aggression, Jae Fratzl & Ruth McKay

    Chapter 5: A Model of Social Ecology of Bullying in Community Colleges, Soko S. Starobin & Warren J. Blumenfeld

    Chapter 6: Workplace Bullying in Higher Education: Some Legal Background, Kerri Stone

    Chapter 7: The Ethical Dimensions of Bullying, Tricia Bertram Gallant

    Chapter 8: Higher Education Human Resources and the Workplace Bully, Linda H. Harber , Patricia Donini & Shernita Rochelle Parker

    Chapter 9: Moving Beyond Awareness and Tolerance: Recommendations and Implications for Workplace Bullying in Higher Education, Carrie Klein & Jaime Lester


    Jaime Lester is Associate Professor of Higher Education at George Mason University, USA.

    'This book is written to help human resource professionals working in the HE sector understand what the current issues are surrounding workplace bullying. Although set in a USA context this does not limit the appeal or usefulness of the book; topics range from the current, limited, empirical research literature through to the different sub-cultures and biases that exist within financially restrained, historically bound,institutions. It also provides well-researched observations on the legal and ethical implications of bullying' Damian Stoupe, Counselling at Work, 2013