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World Politics and Dialogues of Civilizations

About the Series

World Politics and Dialogue of Civilizations Series

This series aims to explore alternative models of the social, political and economic developments at regional and world levels in order to advance theoretical understanding, promote political debate, and provide policy-oriented advice on three broad macro-areas:

  • Cultures and civilizations: Promoting understanding and cooperation among peoples, cultures, and civilizations, and encouraging harmony beyond differences;
  • Economics: Examining inclusive, innovative, and just development models that work for all;
  • Governance and geopolitics: Developing policy proposals for international actors and exploring new diplomatic avenues.

The series is linked to the research carried out by the Dialogue of Civilization-DoC Research Institute (Berlin), but it is open to external contribution. Please visit the DoC website at: https://doc-research.org/en/

If you have an idea for a new book in the series, please contact the Series Editor: Raffaele Marchetti ([email protected])

4 Series Titles

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Africa-Europe Relationships A Multistakeholder Perspective

Africa-Europe Relationships: A Multistakeholder Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By Raffaele Marchetti
April 29, 2022

The relationships between Africa and Europe are of high strategic importance. This volume studies the ongoing dynamics between the two continents by adopting a pluralist understanding of international relations which encompasses non-state actors as well as states. Going beyond pure ...

Digital Value Migration in Media, ICT and Cultural Industries From Business and Economic Models/Strategies to Networked Ecosystems

Digital Value Migration in Media, ICT and Cultural Industries: From Business and Economic Models/Strategies to Networked Ecosystems

1st Edition

Edited By Zvezdan Vukanovic, Mike Friedrichsen, Milivoje Pavlovic
February 25, 2019

Societies today are in a period of dynamic change, highly fluid and contested in moving from traditional to liberal and from local to global, as well as varying from highly developed to emerging market economies. Alongside and facilitating this is a rapidly and exponentially changing digital ...

Liberal World Order and Its Critics Civilisational States and Cultural Commonwealths

Liberal World Order and Its Critics: Civilisational States and Cultural Commonwealths

1st Edition

By Adrian Pabst
November 30, 2018

Liberals blame the retreat of the liberal world order on populists at home and authoritarian leaders abroad. Only liberalism, so they claim, can defend the rules-based international system against demagogy, corruption and nationalism. This provocative book contends that the liberal world order is ...

Debating Migration to Europe Welfare vs Identity

Debating Migration to Europe: Welfare vs Identity

1st Edition

Edited By Raffaele Marchetti
September 25, 2017

This concise, pointed contribution to the ongoing debate in Europe on the controversial phenomena of migration will appeal to the general reader, represent a significant contribution to the scholarly debate, and be an essential teaching and discussion tool. A brief introduction from the editor, ...

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