1st Edition

World Yearbook of Education 1999 Inclusive Education

Edited By Harry Daniels, Philip Garner Copyright 1999

    Inclusive education" is the term now used to describe the incorporation of special needs into mainstream education. This selection of papers provides perspectives and dialogue on inclusive education from around the world, defining the philosophical, political and educational implications.

    Introduction, Harry Daniels, Philip Garner; Defining special education in a democracy – inclusive education; Chapter 1 Inclusive education, Dorothy Kerzner Lipsky, Alan Gartner; Chapter 2 Individual rights to education and students with disabilities, Margaret J. McLaughlin, Lynn Fuchs, Michael Hardman; Chapter 3 Inclusion and inclusions, Alan Dyson; Chapter 4 Market ideologies, education and the challenge for inclusion, Len Barton; Dilemmas for inclusive education; Systems in reformulation; Chapter 5 England and Wales, Gary Thomas, John Dwyfor Davies; Chapter 6 Deficit ideology and educational reform in the United States, Christopher Blake; Chapter 7 The Netherlands, Sip Jan Pijl, Cor J.W. Meijer; Chapter 8 Integration in the changing Scandinavian welfare states, Anders Gustavsson; Chapter 9 The inclusion movement in Canada, Margret A. Winzer; Chapter 10 Spain, Angeles Parrilla; Systems in Change; Chapter 11 Towards a healing society, Gerald K. LeTendre, Hidetada Shimizu; Chapter 12 Issues of inclusive education in the Czech Republic – a system in change, Marie Cerná; Chapter 13 Bulgaria, Diana Tzokova, Zlatko Dobrev; Systems in Development; Chapter 14 Developing inclusive education in Chile, Maria Baez; Chapter 15 Inclusive education in South Africa, Pam Christie; Chapter 16 Pedagogic discourse and academic failure in southern Brazil, Magda Damiani; Dialogues on inclusive education; Chapter 17 The welfare state and individual freedom, Jesper Holst; Chapter 18 Policies and practices? Inclusive education and its effects on schooling, Roger Slee; Chapter 19 Racism, ethnic identity and education of South Asian adolescents, Paul A. S. Ghuman; Chapter 20 Globalization and cultural transmission, Peter Evans; Chapter 21 Exclusion, Sally Tomlinson; Chapter 22 Advocacy, self-advocacy and inclusive action, Jo Lebeer, Roberta Garbo, Peetjie Engels, Annet De Vroey;


    Professor Harry Daniels, University of Birmingham, England,
    Dr Philip Garner, Brunel University, London, England