1st Edition

World Yearbook of Education 2013 Educators, Professionalism and Politics: Global Transitions, National Spaces and Professional Projects

Edited By Terri Seddon, John S. Levin Copyright 2013
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    Educators, professionalism and politics offers ways of understanding how and with what consequences national systems of education and the work of education professionals are being reregulated in the context of contemporary global transitions. Globalization does not just create transnational organizations, relations and practices; it also transforms nation-states by creating more complex education spaces that impinge on the work of educators and the learning that they enable, globally, nationally and locally.

    This volume of the World Yearbook of Education focuses firmly on the educators themselves. It documents the way educators encounter and renegotiate ideas and practices that travel globally as they seek to enact their established professional projects. This framing recognises that educators’ spaces, work and identities are historically anchored in national institutional trajectories, but are both disturbed and renewed as globally mobile ideas and practices "touch down" within national systems of education.

    The chapters examine the effect of global transitions on educators and education, and offers new perspectives on educational work in different parts of the world today. They challenge bleak assessments of teacher de-professionalization and idealistic narratives about professional development. Chapters highlight the significance of educators’ occupational boundary work and the resources and networks they mobilize through their professional projects as they make and remake education in national spaces. The volume tracks:

    • Re-regulatory trajectories evident in national education spaces and their impact on educators;
    • The way educators renegotiate globally mobile ideas, practices and national institutional trajectories, as they mediate global formations emerging in the national space; and
    • The kinds of mediations and resources that enable education professionals to engage with the politics of professionalization.


    This volume of The World Yearbook of Education will be of great interest to Education researchers, graduate students, teacher educators and education policy-makers.

    Terri Seddon is Professor of Education at Monash University, Australia

    Jenny Ozga is Professor of the Sociology of Education at Oxford University, UK

    John Levin is Bank of America Professor of Education Leadership and Director, California Community College Collaborative, University of California, USA

    1. Global transitions and Educational Professionalism: Trajectories of occupational boundary work in the politics of professionalization  2. When the Global Arises from Inside the National  3. Teacher Professionalisation and the Globalisation of Schooling  4. The Shifting Boundaries of Teacher Professionalism: Education privatization(s) in the post-socialist education space  5. Teachers’ Work, Denationalisation, and Transformations in the Field of Symbolic Control: A comparative account  6. The OECD and the Global Re-regulation of Teachers’ Work: Knowledge based regulation tools and teachers in Finland and England  7. Local Tradition, International Engagement: Challenges for the asian professoriate  8. What is College Lecturer's Work? Possibilities for Professionalzing College Lecturers in South Africa  9. State Interventions for University Restructuring: The construction of academic practice and identity in public state universities in Mexico  10. Learner-Centred Education and Teacher Professionalism at the Local-Global Nexus  11. The Doubts and Uncertainties of French Educators in the face of Travelling Policies  12. Globalization and Educational Reform: What choices for teachers  13. Living the Tensions: Moral dilemmas in English Language Teaching  14. Globalization and Transnational Academic Mobility: A case study of chinese academic returnees  15. The Politics of Privatisation: Insights from the central asian university  16. The Once and Future Academic  17. Professional Capital and the Future of Teaching


    Terri Seddon is Professor of Education at Monash University, Australia.

    John S. Levin is Bank of America Professor of Education Leadership and Director, California Community College Collaborative, University of California, USA.