1st Edition

World Yearbook of Education 2023 Racialization and Educational Inequality in Global Perspective

Edited By Janelle Scott, Monisha Bajaj Copyright 2023
    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    The World Yearbook of Education 2023 centers on the intersection of racialization, inequality, and education. It critically examines how racial formation and its associated logics about citizenship, belonging, justice, equality, and humanity manifest in early childhood education, primary, secondary, and higher education, as well as non-formal, community-based education settings. The chapters offer multisited perspectives into how racialization has and continues to shape educational inequality, with an eye towards the agency and resistance of youth and communities in contesting such forms of domination and marginalization.

    Across three sections, the book examines how forces of imperialism, white supremacy, and colonization have shaped racialization in distinct locations and how education was historically utilized as a site for both the creation and/or reification of difference. It reveals the lingering effects of processes of racialization in distinct locations globally and their intersections with educational policies, ideologies, systems, and realities.

    Inviting readers to learn, reflect, and engage with the layered and complex realities of racialization and inequality in education across the globe, World Yearbook of Education 2023 is a timely and important contribution to discussions of racialization and provides the field with a robust foundation for future critical inquiry and engagement with the themes of race, racialization, inequality, and education.

    List of contributors


    Introduction: Racialization and Educational Inequality in Transnational Perspective

    Janelle Scott and Monisha Bajaj

    Section 1: Racialization: Theories, Discourse, and Globalization

    Chapter 1: Erasures of Racism in Education and International Development

    Arathi Sriprakash, Leon Tikly, and Sharon Walker

    Chapter 2: Racialization, Whiteness, and Education

    Zeus Leonardo in conversation with Janelle Scott and Monisha Bajaj

    Chapter 3: Critical Race Theory Beyond Borders: Educational Marronage and Transnational Critical Race Theory

    Steven L. Nelson

    Chapter 4: Global Cadences of Islamophobia: Comparative Reflections on the Racialization and Education of Muslim Youth

    Roozbeh Shirazi

    Chapter 5: Rejecting Abyssal Thinking in the Language and Education of Racialized Bilinguals

    Ofelia García, Nelson Flores, Kate Seltzer, Li Wei, Ricardo Otheguy, and Jonathan Rosa

    Section 2: Coloniality, Development, and Racialization in Education

    Chapter 6: Education for Subordination: Youth and the Afterlives of Coloniality and Racialization in Africa

    Krystal Strong, Rehana Odendaal, and Christiana Kallon Kelly

    Chapter 7: Tomorrow’s Australia: Race and Racialization in Australian Education

    Tim Soutphommasane and Remy Low

    Chapter 8: Latinx (Im)migrant Racialization, Anti-Blackness, and the Social and Educational Landscape of the U.S. South

    Sophia Rodriguez, Rebeca Gamez, and Timothy Monreal

    Chapter 9: Race and Racialization in Canadian Education: Schools and Universities

    Frances Henry and Carl E. James

    Chapter 10: The Racialization of Caste: Internal Colonization and Education in South Asia

    Gaurav J. Pathania and Nina Asher

    Section 3: Social Movements, Anti-Racist Pedagogies & Reparative Futures

    Chapter 11: Racialization and Resistance in South African Education

    Salim Vally

    Chapter 12: Affirmative Action and Racialization in the United States and Brazil

    Jeana E. Morrison, Mike Hoa Nguyen, and OiYan Poon  

    Chapter 13: Racialization, Social Movements and Political Engagement in Brazil: The Brazilian Black Movement and Education

    Renato Emerson dos Santos

    Chapter 14: Racial Justice in "South-South" Internationalization of Higher Education

    Susanne Ress, Miriam Thangaraj, Upenyu Majee, and Teresa Speciale

    Chapter 15: The Black Lives Matter at School Movement: Demanding Educational and Racial Justice

    Monisha Bajaj and Janelle Scott, with Denisha Jones, Sam Carwyn, Lisa Covington, and Chanel Hurt


    Monisha Bajaj and Janelle Scott


    Janelle Scott is a Professor and the Birgeneau Distinguished Chair in Educational Disparities at the University of California at Berkeley. She is a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, a Member of the National Academy of Education, and a Trustee of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. She is the editor of School Choice and Diversity: What the Evidence Says (Teachers College Press), and with Horsford & Anderson, author of The Politics of Education in an Era of Inequality: Possibilities for Democratic Schooling (Routledge).

    Monisha Bajaj is Professor of International and Multicultural Education at the University of San Francisco as well as a Visiting Professor at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. She is the editor and author of eight books and numerous articles on issues of peace, human rights, migration, racial justice, and education. She is the recipient of the Ella Baker/Septima Clark Human Rights Award (2015) from Division B of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).