1st Edition

Writing at Work A Guide to Better Writing in Administration, Business and Management

By Robert Barrass Copyright 2002
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    Many employers complain about the poor communication skills of many young people seeking employment; and many people in employment are handicapped by the poor quality of their written work. While bad spelling, ineffective punctuation and faults in grammar create barriers between the writer and the reader, good English makes the reader feel at ease.
    The benefits of being a good writer at work are:
    Managers need to be able to communicate in order to get ideas across. If they cannot, they will be unable to make their viewpoint heard and they will be unable to influence customers, suppliers and colleagues as desired
    If you can write well, you will find that your views are given prominence over those of others. Effective communication, and that includes writing, is the key to career success and advancement
    This book is for those who have difficulty in getting thoughts into words or their ideas across, as well as those who are satisfied with their writing but are ready to consider the possibility of improving it. It is all about the ways in which writing at work is important - helping the reader to observe, remember, think, plan, organise and communicate.

    1. Writing at Work 2. Do it this Way 3. Write a Better Letter 4. On Form 5. Say it with Words 6. Say it without Flowers 7. Say it without Words 8. Something to Report 9. Helping your Readers 10. Finding and Using Information 11. Just a Minute 12. Talking at Work


    Robert Barrass

    'What he offers you is a set of strategies for people who need to write at work - whether they are in administration, commerce or management. The approach he takes is very practical and straightforward ... One of the many good features of the book is that he gives real life examples of poor writing and shows how they might be improved ... If you work in an admin office, a school or a university, the town hall, or especially a government information office - then this book will help you express yourself more effectively.' - Roy Johnson, Mantex newsletter