1st Edition

Young People and the Struggle for Participation Contested Practices, Power and Pedagogies in Public Spaces

    240 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    238 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Young People and the Struggle for Participation rethinks dominant concepts and meanings of participation by exploring what young people do in public spaces and what these spaces mean to them, individually and collectively. This book discusses how different spaces and places structure and are in turn structured by young peoples’ activities.

    Drawing on findings from a comparative study in eight European cities, insights into different styles of youth participation emerging from formal, non-formal and informal settings are presented. The book provides a comparative analysis of how transnational discourses, national welfare states and local youth policies affect youth participation. It also investigates how it comes about that young people get involved in different forms of participation in the course of their biographies.

    This book will appeal to academics, researchers and post-graduate students in the fields of youth studies, community studies, sociology of education, political science, social work, psychology and anthropology.

    1 Contested practices, power and pedagogies of young people in public spaces: an introduction.

    Axel Pohl, Janet Batsleer, Patricia Loncle and Andreas Walther

    2 Researching youth participation – theoretical and methodological limitations of existing research and innovative perspectives

    Andreas Walther, Axel Pohl, Patricia Loncle, Nigel Patrick Thomas

    3 Discourses of youth participation in Europe. National and transnational perspectives

    Valerie Becquet, Siyka Kovacheva, Boris Popivanov, Torbjörn Forkby

    4 Do youth policies matter? National and local youth policies as contexts of Youth participation

    Patricia Loncle, Morena Cuconato, Dario Tuorto, Björn Andersson

    5 "This is a compressed political system." Ambivalences of formal youth participation

    Demet Lüküslü, Alexandre Pais, Dario Tuorto, Andreas Walther

    6 Young people’s appropriation of public space: participation through voice, sociability and activity

    Björn Andersson, Christian Reutlinger, Patricia Roth, Dominic Zimmermann xx

    7 Making a home in the city: how young people take part in the urban space

    Valeria Piro, Nicola de Luigi, Christian Reutlinger, Dominic Zimmermann

    8 Examining styles of youth participation in institutionalised settings as accumulation of capital forms

    Zulmir Becevic, Berrin Osmanoglu, Boris Popivanov, Harriet Rowley xx

    9 Participation and everyday life: emerging meanings in youth cultural practices

    Ilaria Pitti, Yagmur Mengilli, Alessandro Martelli, Patricia Loncle xx

    10 The interplay between life trajectories and participation careers

    Morena Cuconato, Silvia Demozzi, Valérie Becquet xx

    11 Participation biographies: meaning-making, identity-work and the self

    Grainne McMahon, Susanne Liljeholm Hansson, Larissa von Schwanenflügel, Jessica Lütgens, Marta Ilardo

    12 Everyday pedagogies: New perspectives on youth participation, social learning and citizenship

    Barry Percy-Smith, Nigel Patrick Thomas, Janet Batsleer, Torbjörn Forkby xx

    13 Struggle over participation: Towards a grounded theory of youth participation

    Janet Batsleer, Andreas Walther, Demet Lüküslü


    Andreas Walther is a Professor for Educational Sciences and Director of the Research Centre ‘Education and Coping in the Life Course’ at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    Janet Batsleer is a Reader in Education and Principal Lecturer in Youth and Community Work at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

    Patricia Loncle is a Professor of Sociology at the French High School of Public Health, Rennes, France.

    Axel Pohl is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Social Work and Social Spaces at the FHS St. Gallen, University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland.