248 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    248 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Youth Rugby provides a summary of the latest and most up-to-date research evidence in relation to developing the youth rugby player. The book provides an overview of the latest scientific research for key topics related to the youth rugby player across the codes of rugby (union, league and 7’s; mainly league and union in youth players) whilst also summarising the quality of the evidence available and the limitations of this research and highlighting key future research directions. The book covers a range of fundamental scientific topics relating to paediatric exercise science, human physiology, youth athletic development and high-performance sport. Each author is an experienced researcher within their respective discipline related to the youth rugby player. The book includes chapters on: 

    • Long-term athletic development, growth and maturation, talent identification and the physical demands of youth rugby training and match-play.

    • Physical characteristics and the current evidence behind training methods to promote desired physical qualities.

    • Fatigue and recovery, the tackle, psychosocial development, nutrition and injury prevalence and prevention.  

    This text is essential reading for all scientists, students and applied researchers wanting to develop world-class, evidence-based programmes for their youth athletes.

    1. Youth Rugby

    Kevin Till and Ben Jones

    2. Long-Term Athletic Development: The Youth Rugby Player

    Rhodri S. Lloyd, Joey C. Eisenmann and Kevin Till

    3. Kinanthropometry and Grouping Strategies in Youth Rugby

    John Sampson, Job Fransen, Ric Lovell and Kevin Till

    4. Talent Identification in Male Youth Rugby: An Ecological Perspective

    Adam L. Kelly, Alexander B. T. McAuley, Francesco Dimundo and Kevin Till

    5. The Demands of Youth Rugby Match-Play

    Sarah Whitehead, Dan Weaving, Rich Johnston and Dale B. Read

    6. Training Practices of Youth Rugby Players

    Padraic Phibbs, Timothy Hartwig and Sarah Whitehead

    7. Fatigue and Recovery in Youth Rugby

    Carlos Ramírez-López, Cedric Leduc, Mathieu Lacome and Ben Jones

    8. Measuring and Analysing Physical Qualities in Youth Rugby

    Jonathon Weakley, Cameron Owen and John Sampson

    9. Physical Qualities in Youth Rugby

    Cameron Owen, Sam McCormack, Jonathon Weakley, Ben Jones and Kevin Till

    10. Strength and Conditioning Interventions in Youth Rugby Players

    Jonathon Weakley, Josh Darrall-Jones, Daniel T. McMaster and Nicholas Gill

    11. The Tackle in Youth Rugby

    Sharief Hendricks, Steven Den Hollander and Gregory Tierney

    12. The Psychosocial Development of the Youth Rugby Player

    Ross A. Shand, Lea-Cathrin Dohme and Stephen D. Mellalieu

    13. Nutrition for Youth Rugby

    Nessan Costelo, Sarah Chantler and Marcus Hannon

    14. Injury Risk and Prevention in Youth Rugby

    Jonathon Weakley and Kevin Till


    Kevin Till is a Professor of Athletic Development within the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University, UK.  

    Jonathon Weakley, PhD, is a Lecturer of Strength and Conditioning and Human Physiology at Australian Catholic University, Australia. He is also an Associate Research Fellow at Leeds Beckett University, UK.  

    Sarah Whitehead, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning within the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University, UK.

    Ben Jones is a Professor in Sport and Exercise Physiology within the Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University, UK. Ben is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and University of New England, Australia.

    "This book provides a comprehensive overview of current research related to the development of youth rugby players and covers topics including growth and development of the player, talent identification, training principles and nutritional practices to list a few. This is a must read for anyone working in youth rugby or studying pediatric exercise science."

    -Dr Howard Hurst, University of Central Lancashire, UK

    "If you are a student, researcher, coach, or practitioner who wants to learn more about the sport of rugby, then this is certainly the text for you. These authors are some of the leading experts in the discipline, who have provided a comprehensive overview of the latest scientific research in rugby."

    -Dr Adam L. Kelly, Birmingham City University, UK