1st Edition

Youth in the Digital Age Paradox, Promise, Predicament

Edited By Kate Tilleczek, Valerie Campbell Copyright 2019
    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    Young people spend a significant amount of time with technology, particularly digital and social media. How do they experience and cope with the many influences of digital media in their lives? What are the main challenges and opportunities they navigate in living online?

    Youth in the Digital Age provides answers from a decidedly interdisciplinary perspective, beginning in a framework steeped in context; biography; and societal influences on young people, who now make up 25% of the earth’s population. Placing these perspectives alongside those of current scholars and commentators to help analyse what young people are up against in navigating the digital age, the volume also draws on data from a five-year research project (Digital Media and Young Lives). Topics explored include well-being, privacy, control, surveillance, digital capital, and social relationships.

    Based on unique and emergent research from Canada, Scotland, and Australia, Youth in the Digital Age will appeal to post-secondary educators and scholars interested in fields such as youth studies, education, media studies, mental health, and technology.

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    List of Contributors

    1 Young lives in the digital age

    Kate C. Tilleczek

    2 Methods and ethics with, for, and by youth in the digital age

    Valerie M. Campbell, Kate C. Tilleczek, and Janet Loebach

    3 Youth well-being and digital media

    Kate C. Tilleczek , Bra ndi L. Bell, and Matthew Munro

    4 The way we live now: Privacy, surveillance, and control of youth in the digital age

    Heather Barnick, Valerie M. Campbell, and Kate C. Tilleczek

    5 "It’s almost like the earth stood still": Youthful critiques of cell phones

    Ron Srigley and Kate C. Tilleczek

    6 Digital capital by/for youth?

    Kate C. Tilleczek and Jonah R. Rimer

    7 Digital media, youth, and social relationships

    Jonah R. Rimer and Kate C. Tilleczek

    8 Profound conundrums: young lives in the digital age

    Kate C. Tilleczek and Valerie M. Campbell



    Dr. Kate Tilleczek is the Canada Research Chair in Young Lives, Education and Global Good, and Full Professor of Education at York University, Canada.

    Valerie M. Campbell, PhD (c), is a sessional lecturer in Sociology and Arthropology at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.