1st Edition

Zooplankton Sensory Ecology and Physiology

Edited By P Lenz, D K Hartline, J Purcell, D Macmillian Copyright 1997

    Zooplankton is a major work of reference for researchers in plankton biology, physiology and behavior, which combines behavioral and psychological approaches to the study of plankton on present and interdisciplinary investigation of sensory processes in pelagic environments. The breadth of perspective thus achieved provides valuable insights into the larger scale ecological processes of biological productivity, community structure and population dynamics.

    Technological advances in almost all aspects of biological research have opened up opportunities for a re-examination of the sensory ecology of planktonic organisms. In this wide-ranging collection, leading researchers in planktonic behavior and physiology address the rapidly developing interface between these two major areas. The studies presented range from the laboratory to the field and from the cell to the whole organism, but share the common goal of understanding the special sensory world of organisms that live in pelagic environments and how their behavior and physiology relate to it.

    1. Chemosensory Ecology of Oyster Larvae: Benthic-Pelagic Coupling 2. Dynamic Response Properties of Broad Spectrum Olfactory Interneurons in the Crayfish Midbrain 3. Active Marine Predators: The Sensory World of Cephalopods 4. New Observations on the Bioluminescence of the Pelagic Shrimp, Sergia Lucens 5. Compound Eyes and Ocular Pigments of Crustacean Larvae 6. Sensory Potential and Feeding in Rotifers: Structural and Behavioural Aspects of Diet Selections in Ciliated Zooplankton 7. Mating Behaviour of Dioithona Oculata in Swarms 8. The Escape Behaviour of Pleuromamma Xiphias in Response to a Quantifiable Fluid Mechanical Disturbance
    9. Optimal Swimming Behaviour of Zooplankton 10. Virtual Plankton: A Novel Approach to the Investigation of Aquatic Predator-Prey Interactions 11. Defensive Strategies in Planktonic Coelenterates 12. Sensory Ecology of Scyphomedusae 13. Chemosensory Phenomena During Sexual Interactions in Gelatinous Zooplankton


    Petra. H. Lenz Bekesy Laboratory of Neurobiology, Pacific Biomedical Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA .