Anthropology: Globalisation

  • Mobility, Education and Life Trajectories: New and old migratory pathways book cover

    Mobility, Education and Life Trajectories

    New and old migratory pathways, 1st Edition

    Edited by Karen Valentin, Karen Fog Olwig

    Migration for educational purposes, once the privilege of the upper class, has become a global mass phenomenon in recent years. This volume examines, within different cultural and historical contexts, the close relationship between migration, education, and social mobility. Adopting the perspective…

    Paperback – 2019-05-13 

  • Interpreting Diversity: Europe and the Malay World book cover

    Interpreting Diversity: Europe and the Malay World

    1st Edition

    Edited by Christina Skott

    This volume departs from conventional historiography concerned with colonialism in the Malay world, by turning to the use of knowledge generated by European presence in the region. The aim here is to map the ways in which European observers and scholars interpreted the ethnic, linguistic and…

    Paperback – 2019-04-15 

  • An Overheated World: An Anthropological History of the Early Twenty-first Century book cover

    An Overheated World

    An Anthropological History of the Early Twenty-first Century, 1st Edition

    Edited by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

    Although economic, cultural and demographic changes are part and parcel of the modern world, changes in a number of areas have accelerated in the last quarter-century – a period sometimes spoken of as the global information society, a world of ‘liquid modernity’ – or of…

    Paperback – 2019-02-07

  • Afropolitanism: Reboot book cover

    Afropolitanism: Reboot

    1st Edition

    Edited by Carli Coetzee

    This edited collection comprises an original and activist group of contributions on that much maligned figure, the Afropolitan. The contributors do not aim to define or fix the term anew; the reboot is, instead, the beginnings of an activist scholarly agenda in which ‘the Afropolitan’ is reimagined…

    Paperback – 2019-01-17

  • Australia's New Migrants: International Students’ History of Affective Encounters with the Border book cover

    Australia's New Migrants

    International Students’ History of Affective Encounters with the Border, 1st Edition

    By Maria Elena Indelicato

    This book offers a comprehensive and critical analysis of the tropes employed in the categorization of international students living and studying in Australia. Establishing the position of migrant students as ’subjects of the border’, the author employs various models of emotion in an analysis of…

    Paperback – 2019-01-17
    Routledge Research in Race and Ethnicity

  • Eating Traditional Food: Politics, identity and practices book cover

    Eating Traditional Food

    Politics, identity and practices, 1st Edition

    Edited by Brigitte Sebastia

    Due to its centrality in human activities, food is a meaningful object that necessarily participates in any cultural, social and ideological construction and its qualification as 'traditional' is a politically laden value. This book demonstrates that traditionality as attributed to foods…

    Paperback – 2019-01-08
    Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment

  • Mobility and Cosmopolitanism: Complicating the interaction between aspiration and practice book cover

    Mobility and Cosmopolitanism

    Complicating the interaction between aspiration and practice, 1st Edition

    Edited by Vered Amit, Pauline Gardiner Barber

    In academic descriptions of cosmopolitanism, one particularly important distinction often recurs. Specifically, scholars have been concerned to distinguish between cosmopolitanism as a set of mundane practices and/or competences on the one hand and cosmopolitanism as a cultivated form of…

    Paperback – 2019-01-08

  • Decolonising Intercultural Education: Colonial differences, the geopolitics of knowledge, and inter-epistemic dialogue book cover

    Decolonising Intercultural Education

    Colonial differences, the geopolitics of knowledge, and inter-epistemic dialogue, 1st Edition

    By Robert Aman

    At the centre of Decolonising Intercultural Education is a simple yet fundamental question: is it possible to learn from the Other? This book argues that many recent efforts to theorise interculturality restrict themselves to a variety of interpretations within a Western framework of knowledge,…

    Paperback – 2019-01-03
    Routledge Research in International and Comparative Education

  • Viking-Age Transformations: Trade, Craft and Resources in Western Scandinavia book cover

    Viking-Age Transformations

    Trade, Craft and Resources in Western Scandinavia, 1st Edition

    Edited by Zanette T. Glørstad, Kjetil Loftsgarden

    The Viking Age was a period of profound change in Scandinavia. As kingdoms were established, Christianity became the encompassing ideological and cosmological framework and towns were formed. This book examines a central backdrop to these changes: the economic transformation of West Scandinavia.…

    Paperback – 2018-10-18
    Culture, Environment and Adaptation in the North

  • Ethiopians in an Age of Migration: Scattered lives beyond borders book cover

    Ethiopians in an Age of Migration

    Scattered lives beyond borders, 1st Edition

    Edited by Fassil Demissie

    The migration of Ethiopians across international borders is a recent phenomenon because of the limited integration of the country and society to the global economy. Since it was never colonized – aside from the Italian occupation of 1936-1941 – Ethiopia’s economy and society were not directly…

    Paperback – 2018-10-18

  • Global Culture: Consciousness and Connectivity book cover

    Global Culture: Consciousness and Connectivity

    1st Edition

    By Roland Robertson, Didem Buhari-Gulmez

    The current discourse of globalization is overwhelmingly centred upon the interconnectedness, or connectivity, of the contemporary world; to the great neglect of the issues of global culture and global consciousness. With contemporary worldwide culture increasingly characterized by such themes as…

    Paperback – 2018-08-14
    Global Connections

  • Social Mobilization, Global Capitalism and Struggles over Food: A Comparative Study of Social Movements book cover

    Social Mobilization, Global Capitalism and Struggles over Food

    A Comparative Study of Social Movements, 1st Edition

    By Renata Motta

    This book explores the transformation of Brazil and Argentina into two of the world’s largest producers of genetically modified (GM) crops. Systematically comparing their stories in order to explain their paths, differences, ruptures and changes, the author reveals that the emergence of the two…

    Paperback – 2018-08-14
    Entangled Inequalities: Exploring Global Asymmetries

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