1st Edition

Counternarratives from Asian American Art Educators Identities, Pedagogies, and Practice beyond the Western Paradigm

Edited By Ryan Shin, Maria Lim, Oksun Lee, Sandrine Han Copyright 2023
    256 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    256 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Counternarratives from Asian American Art Educators: Identities, Pedagogies, and Practice beyond the Western Paradigm collects and explores the professional and pedagogical narratives of Asian art educators and researchers in North America. Few studies published since the substantial immigration of Asian art educators to the United States in the 1990s have addressed their professional identities in higher education, K-12, and museum contexts. By foregrounding narratives from Asian American arts educators within these settings, this edited volume enacts a critical shift from Western, Eurocentric perspectives to the unique contributions of Asian American practitioners.

    Enhanced by the application of the AsianCrit framework and theories of intersectionality, positionality, decolonization, and allyship, these original contributor counternarratives focus on professional and pedagogical discourses and practices that support Asian American identity development and practice. A significant contribution to the field of art education, this book highlights the voices and experiences of Asian art educators and serves as an ideal scholarly resource for exploring their identity formation, construction, and development of a historically underrepresented minoritized group in North America.

    Introduction, Section 1: Decolonizing Identity and Educational Praxis, 1. I Don’t Want to Use My Cultural Identity Just to Survive in America! A Self-Reflective Narrative by an Art Educator, 2. "Asian Destroyer” Versus Critical Global Art Educator,  3. Models for Inclusive Teaching in Museum Education,  4. Korean Immigrant's Identity Exploration With Visual Storying,  5. Desi/Pardesi/Videshi: International (Re)locations in a Time of Nationalism,  6. Decolonization in Art Education Theory and Practices  Section 2: Countering Master Narratives  7. Beyond Insiders-Outsiders: Fostering a Creative Third Space in Art Education,  8. Identity Exploration of a Taiwanese-Chinese Immigrant Art Educator in Higher Education,  9. The Journey to Becoming an Art Educator in North America: Personal Experiences in Cultural and Identity Exploration, 10. My Counter-Story: Fateful Encounters With Art Educators,  11. Kollywood Over Bollywood: Breaking Up the Monolithic Narrative of Being Indian in America,  12. "Can’t You Just Pretend?": Struggles of a Korean-Japanese-Canadian Art Educator,  13. Keep Silent or Speak Louder: An International Asian Student Using Art to Speak to the World,  14. Focus on Identity Development: Making a Positive Difference in a Rural Community, Section 3: Reimagining Identity Through Intersectionality,  15. A Gay Taiwanese-American Art Education Professor’s Journey in American Higher Education,  16. Playing the Race Card: Issues and Limits of Categories Based on Race in Contemporary Art Discourse,  17. How Do I Belong?: The Space Between Korean and American in Korean American 18. Racial Ambiguity, Professional Ambiguity, and Art Teaching as an Indian American,  19. Two Systems, One World: A Foreign-Born Asian Art Educator in the United States,  20. The Many Faces of Art Education Across Three Cities,  21. Fashion Hybridity and Identity Among Asian Americans in Secondary and Post-Secondary Cross-Cultural Settings in the United States: A Non-Asian-American Art Educator's Perspective,  Section 4: Harnessing Allyship,  22. Vignettes of Resistance, Appreciation, and Appropriation: Leona, Ana, and Zi,  23. Ruminations on an A/r/tographic Field Trip of the Silk Road,  24. Advancing Asian Art Teaching and Learning Through Personal Intersections, Inquiry, Visual Ethnographic Research, and Allyship,  25. Sensorial Encounters of Memory and Mapping: An American Teaching in China,  26. “Feel Free to Tell Me If You Need My Opinion”: Mentoring Asian Graduate Students,  27. Cross-Cultural Insights of a Non-Asian Art Educator and Her Asian Art Education Experiences,  28. Journeys With Asian Doctoral Student Advisees


    Ryan Shin is Professor in the School of Art at the University of Arizona, United States. His research interests include Asian popular and visual culture, Asian critical theory and pedagogy, decolonization in art education, global civic engagement, and new digital media and visual culture.

    Maria Lim is Associate Professor of Art Education in the School of Art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, United States. Her research interests include art teacher preparation through global perspectives, cultural appropriation and culturally responsive education, social justice and anti-racial discrimination pedagogy, and critical Asian theory and pedagogical decolonization.

    Oksun Lee is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Art Education in the Department of Art at the University of Central Oklahoma, United States. Her research interests include Asian art education faculty identity, Asian critical pedagogy, cross-cultural education, and preservice art teacher education.

    Sandrine Han is Independent scholar and Former Associate Professor of Art Education in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at The University of British Columbia, Canada. Her research interests are in the fields of art education, visual culture, cultural studies, technology, semiotics, and visual communication.