Slam Dunk for Slamdance Co-Founder and Author, Dan Mirvish

Dan Mirvish, author of The Cheerful Subversive's Guide to Independent Filmmaking, enjoyed a blitz of media coverage during the Sundance and Slamdance festivals.  Check out all the press on the book and the cheerful subversive himself!

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  • The Cheerful Subversive's Guide to Independent Filmmaking

    From Preproduction to Festivals and Distribution, 1st Edition

    By Dan Mirvish

    In The Cheerful Subversive’s Guide to Independent Filmmaking, celebrated Slamdance Film Festival co-founder Dan Mirvish offers a rich exploration of the process and culture of making low-budget, independent films. Once labelled a "cheerful subversive" by The New York Times, Mirvish shares his…

    Paperback – 2016-09-01