Benjamin Paul Bowser Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Benjamin Paul Bowser

Professor Emeritus
California State University East Bay

I am Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Social Services at California State University East Bay, was Outstanding Professor (1996), department chair, interim Dean of my college and visiting Professor at University of Paris (La Sorbonne). Besides teaching, I have done extensive research as a methodologist on HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention and race relations reflected in 12 other books and fifty journal articles. My doctorate is from Cornell University and I am an avid sailor.


Professor Bowser is from New York City, completed his doctorate at Cornell University and is recently Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Social Services at California State University East Bay in Hayward, California, where he was outstanding professor in 1996.  Dr. Bowser is a research and medical methodologists specializing in African American communities and program evaluations.  His most recent work has focused on the long-term impacts of slavery on contemporary cultures in the West with The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Slave: New Directions in Teaching and Learning (2012) with Paul Lovejoy and Gangster Rap and Its Social Cost: Exploiting Hip Hop and Using Racial Stereotypes to Entertain America (2012).

He has pioneered in the development of strategies to access hidden and hard to reach sub-populations to conduct health risk surveys and HIV prevention education.  He has served on three National Academy of Science expert panels, has published over forty peer reviewed papers and chapters and has several award winning books which include The Black Middle Class: Mobility and Vulnerabilities (2007); When Communities Assess their AIDS Epidemics: Results of Rapid Assessment of HIV/AIDS in Eleven U.S. Cities (2007); Against the Odds: Scholars Who Challenged Race in the Twentieth Century (2002); and Impacts of Racism on White Americans (1996, 1981).

He was part of the collaborative team that was awarded the James H. Nakano Citation for Outstanding Scientific Paper by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1995.  Dr. Bowser was elected President of the Association of Black Sociologists in 2004, and has served as Interim Dean of his college, department chair, Visiting Professor at the University of Paris (La Sorbonne) in 2005, formal Board Chair of the American Social Health Association in 2001 (Durham, N.C.), and board member of the Glide Foundation (San Francisco), of The Oakland Workforce Investment Board and of the University of California Universitywide AIDS Research program.  


    Ph.D., Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 1976

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Sociology/ Research Methods, Medical Sociology, and Race and Ethnic Relations.

Personal Interests

    Worldwide sailing and educational travel



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