I am currently a Professor of Sociology and Lead of the Complexity in Health and Infrastructure Group (Kent State University) as well as Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry (Northeast Ohio Medical University) and co-editor of the Routledge Complexity in Social Science series.  I am also a member of the editorial board for International Journal of Social Research Methodology and Complexity, Governance and Networks.

Trained as a sociologist, clinical psychologist and methodologist (statistics and computational social science), I have spent the past ten years developing a new case-based data mining approach to modeling complex social systems – called the SACS Toolkit – which my colleagues and I have used to help practitioners and policy makers address and improve complex public health issues such as community health and well-being; infrastructure and grid reliability; mental health and inequality; big data and data mining; and globalization and global civil society.

We have also recently developed the COMPLEX-IT APP, which allows everyday users seamless access to such high-powered techniques as machine intelligence, neural nets, and agent-based modeling to make better sense of the complex world(s) in which they live and work.