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I have been writing and making films for about 35 years. I have a soft spot for Routledge as they published my first book Psychologists on Psychology back in 1977 - and even got it reviewed it in the Times Lit Supp. I have written mainly about child psychology, as my Ph.D was on the subject of what makes children laugh, and on theories of psychology. I have also written on masculinity, the royals as parents - James I was top dad, the death of Princess Diana and Mrs Beeton


The lofty professor I'm not
Academikal can be rot
Only connect
Or try to write clearly

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Child psychology
    Theories of psychology see my just reissued Psychologists on Psychology
    Making films..see my The Pleasure Principle
    What makes kids laugh

Personal Interests

    football, cinema. trying to do my exercises to keep fit and no podgier than I am, cigars


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Psychologist on Psychology Classic - 1st Edition book cover