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The Editor/Author instructions give a detailed description of our publication process, of what our role will be, and what we require you to deliver. These instruction packages will provide all the help you need to realize an effective, effortless publication process and will allow you to get the most out of your book once it is published.


Conference Proceedings

For Editors

Editors of conference proceedings can download the editor's toolkit (.zip). After unzipping the downloaded zip file, please first read the " Guidelines_editor_2012.pdf " file for further instructions.

For Authors

Authors of proceedings articles can download the instructions easily by double-clicking on the relevant conference name listed below. Please make sure to click on the correct conference name as the instructions are different for each conference. The conferences are listed according to the date upon which they will take place (year-month-day). After unzipping the downloaded zip file, please first read the "readme.pdf" file for further details concerning the length of paper, deadlines, addresses, etc.


Reference Works

Editors and authors of reference works can download the author's toolkit (.zip) . After unzipping the downloaded zip file, please first read the "AUTHOR INSTRUCTIONS-Reference_Oct-2012.pdf" file for further instructions.


Book Series

Download the author instructions by clicking on the book series of your choice. All book series are listed in alphabetical order according to the title of the book series.

  • ISPRS series: Songnian Li, Suzana Dragicevic & Bert Veenendaal (Eds)
    Advances in Web-based GIS, Mapping Services and Applications
  • ISPRS series: Joachim Hill and Achim Roder (Eds)
    Advances in Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Processing for Land Degradation Assessment
  • Volume in the Structures and Infrastructures Book Series, ISSN 1747-7735
    Series Editor:
      Prof.Dan M.Franqopol
  • Vargas, Sousa, Fernandes, and Azevedo (Eds)
    Innovative Numerical Modelling in Geomechanics