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  • A BRE Guide to Radon Remedial Measures in Existing Dwellings: Dwellings with Cellars and Basements (BR 343) book cover

    A BRE Guide to Radon Remedial Measures in Existing Dwellings: Dwellings with Cellars and Basements (BR 343)

    1st Edition

    By C.R. Scivyer

    One of a series giving practical advice on methods of reducing radon levels in existing dwellings, based on a large body of remedial work carried out to advice given by BRE, and on discussions with others working in the field. It is intended to help surveyors, builders and householders who are…

    Paperback – 1998-01-01
    IHS BRE Press

  • Green Building Handbook: Volume 1: A Guide to Building Products and their Impact on the Environment book cover

    Green Building Handbook: Volume 1

    A Guide to Building Products and their Impact on the Environment, 1st Edition

    By Tom Woolley, Sam Kimmins, Rob Harrison, Paul Harrison

    Environmentally responsible building involves resolving many conflicting issues and requirements. Each stage in the design process from the fundamental decisions about what, where and even whether to build has implications for the environment. Evolving out of the success of Green Building Digest, a…

    Paperback – 1997-11-27

  • The Technology of Building Defects book cover

    The Technology of Building Defects

    1st Edition

    By John Hinks, Geoff Cook

    The Technology of Building Defects has been developed to provide a unique review of the subject. Defects are considered as part of the whole building rather than in isolation. General educational objectives are set out which offer the reader the opportunity of self-assessment. Each section is…

    Paperback – 1997-10-30

  • Multi-purpose High-rise Towers and Tall Buildings book cover

    Multi-purpose High-rise Towers and Tall Buildings

    1st Edition

    Edited by H.R. Viswanath, Jurek Tolloczko, J.N. Clarke

    Interest continues to develop in the design and construction of high-rise towers and tall buildings, structures with heights ranging from 75m to 500m and even more. This volume presents the papers from the third in a series of international conferences on the subject, organised by the International…

    Hardback – 1997-10-09
    CRC Press

  • Formwork: A practical guide book cover


    A practical guide, 1st Edition

    By Geoffrey Lee, Peter McAdam

    To optimise formwork costs and minimise the time for its construction, the contractor needs to understand the guiding principles of safe and efficient formwork construction. He must also have some insight into the relative merits of the various methods, and should appreciate the practical details…

    Paperback – 1997-08-07
    CRC Press

  • Factory-Constructed Housing Developments: Planning, Design, and Construction book cover

    Factory-Constructed Housing Developments

    Planning, Design, and Construction, 1st Edition

    By William F. Albern

    An attractive, lower-cost alternative to site-built homes, factory-constructed housing is becoming increasingly popular. New, more sophisticated methods of construction and strict federal, state, and local codes have resulted in safer, more attractive, and more affordable homes.Written by a…

    Hardback – 1997-06-19
    CRC Press

  • Sick Building Syndrome: Concepts, Issues and Practice book cover

    Sick Building Syndrome

    Concepts, Issues and Practice, 1st Edition

    Edited by Jack Rostron

    Sick building syndrome is for many of us an enigma. The legislative precedents currently being set in North America underline the need for rational examination of the problem. This new collection of expert writing will help unravel the complex issues involved. The book explores sick building…

    Paperback – 1997-03-13

  • Creating the Built Environment: The Practicalities of Designing, Constructing and Owning Buildings book cover

    Creating the Built Environment

    The Practicalities of Designing, Constructing and Owning Buildings, 1st Edition

    By Leslie Holes

    We spend most of our lives in buildings and almost every building is unique. The purpose of this book is to explain what buildings are and to provide an integrated overview of how they are built and sustained.The book does not presume any specialist knowledge of buildings, seeking instead to…

    Paperback – 1996-12-19

  • Prevention of Premature Staining in New Buildings book cover

    Prevention of Premature Staining in New Buildings

    1st Edition

    By Phil Parnham

    The appearance of ugly staining early in a buildings life, ruins an otherwise pleasing appearance, tarnishes the image of the owners and gives rise to costly refurbishment works. In this book Phil Parnham raises a number of questions that should be considered whenever a new building is being…

    Paperback – 1996-10-24

  • Finishes book cover


    4th Edition

    By Alan Everett, Yvonne Dean

    The fourth edition of this well established text brings the subject up-to-date with environmental legislation and provides a thorough understanding of the surface technologies of all materials used for finishes. It also aims to minimise the use of finishes which have shorter lives and hence need…

    Paperback – 1996-09-20
    Mitchell's Building Series

  • Investigating Embankment Dams: A guide to the identification and repair of defects (BR303) book cover

    Investigating Embankment Dams

    A guide to the identification and repair of defects (BR303), 1st Edition

    By J. A. Charles, P. Tedd, A. K. Hughes, H. T. Lovenbury

    Paperback – 1996-08-01
    IHS BRE Press

  • Access Scaffolding book cover

    Access Scaffolding

    1st Edition

    By Stewart Champion

    Access scaffolding is the most important element of plant for building, civil engineering and structural engineering contractors. In fact a building or structure cannot be constructed to a height of more than two metres without platforms to work from. These platforms have to be constructed on the…

    Paperback – 1996-06-28
    Chartered Institute of Building

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