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  • American Higher Education in the Postwar Era, 1945-1970

    1st Edition

    Edited by Roger L. Geiger, Nathan M. Sorber, Christian K. Anderson

    After World War II, returning veterans with GI Bill benefits ushered in an era of unprecedented growth that fundamentally altered the meaning, purpose, and structure of higher education. This volume explores the multifaceted and tumultuous transformation of American higher education that occurred…

    Paperback – 2017-09-05
    Perspectives on the History of Higher Education

  • Educating Inequality

    Beyond the Political Myths of Higher Education and the Job Market, 1st Edition

    By Robert Samuels

    Politicians and school officials often argue that higher education is the solution to many of our social, and economic problems. Educating Inequality argues that in order to reduce inequality and enhance social mobility, public policies are needed to revamp the financial aid system and increase the…

    Paperback – 2017-07-21

  • Building a Learning Culture in America

    1st Edition

    By Kevin P Chavous

    Building a Learning Culture in America takes an incisive, no-holds-barred look at how America embraced and cultivated a culture of learning in the past, how that culture declined in the sixties and seventies, and what must be done to regain it. From political gridlock to systemic discrimination,…

    Paperback – 2016-08-30

  • Shaping the American Faculty

    Perspectives on the History of Higher Education, 1st Edition

    Edited by Roger L. Geiger

    Beginning in the twentieth century, American faculty increasingly viewed themselves as professionals who were more than mere employees. This volume focuses on key developments in the long process by which the American professoriate achieved tenure, academic freedom, and a voice in university…

    Paperback – 2015-06-30
    Perspectives on the History of Higher Education

  • Redefining Higher Education

    How Self-Direction Can Save Colleges, 1st Edition

    By Melvyn L. Fein

    Higher education is in trouble. Commentators of all stripes bemoan escalating costs and diminishing quality. Solutions have been offered from all quarters, but tend to be piecemeal and all too often ideological. In this tough-minded look at the history, current climate, and future of university…

    Hardback – 2014-04-30

  • The Lowering of Higher Education in America

    1st Edition

    By Jackson Toby

    Few in the United States will dispute the assumption that every high school graduate should be entitled to go to college regardless of financial need. But should everyone be able to go regardless of academic preparedness? Jackson Toby explores the idea that federal financial aid programs, all of…

    Paperback – 2012-01-15

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