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Safeguarding Physician Wellbeing

Safeguarding Physician Wellbeing book cover

1st Edition

The United States is facing a worsening epidemic of physician burnout with unprecedented numbers of them leaving the workforce and practice of clinical medicine across all career stages. The prevalence of physician burnout has accelerated through COVID-19, resulting in an anticipated serious national shortage of physicians within the current decade amidst an increased proportion of aging and unhealthy population. This book uses a "checklist" approach to empower any medical student, resident, fellow, or practicing physician to create and experience psychological, personal, and professional safety and wellbeing. Not only can individual physicians choose and use these checklists themselves, but those who live with, love, and cherish one or more physicians in their families and/or lives can use this book to understand physician realities and their risks.

The Startup Protocol A Guide for Digital Health Startups to Bypass Pitfalls and Adopt Strategies That Work

The Startup Protocol
A Guide for Digital Health Startups to Bypass Pitfalls and Adopt Strategies That Work book cover

1st Edition

There are lots of founders and lots of ideas floating around to help improve the delivery of healthcare services and positively affect the health of each of us as individuals, as well as groups of patients afflicted by chronic or acute diseases. Unfortunately, many of these ideas never reach their full potential to improve patient outcomes or reduce costs of care. The book will go through the typical life cycle of an early-stage company, from ideation to the first few customer deals, and highlight best practices for tackling the challenges at each stage.

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