eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction : Proceedings of the European Conference on Product and Process Modelling 2010, Cork, Republic of Ireland, 14-16 September 2010 book cover
1st Edition

eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Proceedings of the European Conference on Product and Process Modelling 2010, Cork, Republic of Ireland, 14-16 September 2010

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ISBN 9780415605076
Published August 31, 2010 by CRC Press
436 Pages

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Book Description

Since 1994, the European Conference on Product and Process Modelling has provided a discussion platform for research and development in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management sectors.

eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction 2010 provides strategic knowledge on the achievements and trends in research, development, standardisation and industrial implementation of product and process information technology. The book contains contributions from leading experts, bringing together expertise, knowledge, and ongoing research and visions for the evolution of the expanding world of ICT-based applications that address information, process and project management in the dynamic construction sector. Also included are recent research programmes and the latest results from FP7, E2B, EG-ICE, ERABUILD, the European Construction Technology Platform, Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Sustainable Energy Ireland and other funding agencies. The book is divided into three main themes:
• Complex Engineering Systems
• Processes and Construction Management
• Energy-Efficiency

eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction 2010 will be of interest to academics and professionals working in Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Table of Contents


Improving formalizing expert knowledge in construction: From ontology-based modelling to creating sustainable services 
A. Yurchyshyna & M. Léonard

A concept of automated building based on BIM, nano- and biotechnology 
D. Rebolj

Novel construction processes using Additive Layer Manufacturing 
F. Fouchal, T.M. Hassan & D.L. Loveday

Advanced computing in engineering

Developing a Knowledge Map for underground construction research projects 
N. Forcada, A. Fuertes, M. Casals, M. Gangolells & X. Roca

A BIM-based framework for forecasting and visualizing seismic damage, cost and time to repair 
S.E. Christodoulou, D. Vamvatsikos & C. Georgiou

Web based computing environment for prediction of approximate seismic response parameters of structures 
R. Klinc, I. Peruš, M. Dolšek & M. Dolenc

Generation of 2-D displacement fields from experimental data using interactive image processing 
C. Murphy, D. Kelliher & J. Davenport

Building information modelling

BIM based manufacturing cost estimation of building products 
M. Heinisuo, M. Laasonen & J. Haapio

Towards spatial reasoning on building information models 
A. Borrmann & J. Beetz

4D modelling of large industrial projects using spatio-temporal decomposition 
V.A. Semenov, K.A. Kazakov, S.V. Morozov, O.A. Tarlapan, V.A. Zolotov & T. Dengenis

Developing a BIM-oriented data model to enable sustainable construction in practice 
M.M. Matar, M.E. Georgy & A.M. Abou-Zeid

An approach to semantic modelling of activities in construction 
G. Bravo-Aranda, A. Fernandez-de-la-Puente, F. Hernández-Rodríguez & A. Martín-Navarro
Concept of an information framework for management, simulation and decision making in construction projects
R.J. Scherer, S.-E. Schapke & P. Katranuschkov

ICT-supported end user participation in creative and innovative building design
P. Christiansson, U. Dybro, K. Svidt & K.B. Pedersen

Compatibility between FIDE data model and ISO 10303-236
S. Garrido & S. Muñoz

A framework for multi-model collaboration and visualisation
S. Fuchs, P. Katranuschkov & R.J. Scherer

Assessing commercial BIM software for dynamic building models
P.H. Fuller & J.J. Connor

Use of standards for filling the gaps towards integrated BIM based ways of working—the InPro example
B. Fies, P. Benning, C. Dumoulin & P. Houbaux

Collaboration and process modelling

An open workflow-oriented distributed computing system 
V. Stankovski

Development of a Cloud solution for SMEs in the Irish construction industry
A.V. Hore, A. Redmond & R.P. West

Towards ontology-based business process management in construction
K. Rybenko, P. Katranuschkov & R.J. Scherer

Transformation of Business Process Models into Petri Nets for building process simulation
R.J. Scherer & F. Kog

Application of process modelling for industrialised bottom-up production system

in the BIM-integrated BC industry: Prototype of parking garage projects in The Netherlands
J.H. Park, S. van Nederveen, R. Beheshti, A. Adriaanse & M. de Jonge

About the mapping problem of process to simulation models
U. Wagner, A. Ismail, F. Kog & R.J. Scherer

Service innovation process for the construction industry: Case study of research results transferred to the sector
A. Guerriero & S. Kubicki

Computer aided education and training

“e-Learning of techniques in Cultural Heritage interventions” 
V. Vidal-Lilly, M. Ramirez, N. Alvarez, R. Palenzuela, J. Burgos, A. Hurtado & J. Finat

Master programme in IT in Architecture, Engineering and Construction—Lessons learned
K. Menzel & L. Allan

Intelligent Computing in Engineering (EG-ICE)

Outline of a schema for network-based space layouts
G. Suter

Visual design with the use of graph-based data structure
E.J. Grabska

Low carbon ontology development using information retrieval techniques
H.J. Li, Y. Rezgui, J.C. Miles & I. Wilson
Process-mediated planning in A/E/C through structured dialogues 
G. Augenbroe & H. Verheij

Information requirements of a generalized framework for jobsite decision making: Elicitation through scenario development
X. Luo, F. Leite & W.J. O’Brien

Exploring the influence of media richness on engineering task performance and user perceptions
T. Hartmann

Hardware-Software platforms for facilities and energy management

Development of miniaturized wireless sensor nodes suitable for building energy management and modelling
B. O’Flynn, E. Jafer, R. Spinar, M. Keane, A. Costa, D. Pesch & C. O’Mathuna

Towards a process warehouse based energy building information model
A. Ahmed, L. Allan, B. Cahill & K. Menzel

Maintenance middleware for provision of building performance data
P. Stack, K. Menzel, M. Boubekeur, W. Song, M. Burillo, R. Spinar & E. Jafer

Information technology for optimised building operation

A platform for the Optimisation of Building Operation
K. Menzel, E. Freuder, K.N. Brown, G. Provan, D. Pesch, M. Keane & C. O’Mathuna

From performance specification to performance monitoring
E. Tumwesigye & K. Menzel

A new perspective in supervising building performance
A. Ahmed, B. Cahill & K. Menzel

A Framework Architecture for Optimised Building Operation
K. Menzel & B. Cahill

Interactive refinement of distributed Control/WSAN design for optimal building operation systems
A. Mady, M. Boubekeur & G. Provan

A constraint-based intelligent controller for lighting systems 
C. Ryan, K.N. Brown, A. Mady, M. Boubekeur & G. Provan

Comparison of diagnostics granularity for lighting control systems
M. Behrens, G. Provan & M. Boubekeur

Building maintenance scheduling using cost-based reasoning and constraint programming techniques
A.M. Badr & K.N. Brown

Methodology for maintenance management utilising performance data
E. Tobin, H. Yin & D. Browne

Information technology for energy-efficiency

IntUBE energy information integration platform 
H.M. Böhms, W. Plokker, B. Charvier, L. Madrazo & A. Sicilia

ICT enabled business models for innovative energy management 
D. Browne & K. Menzel

A functional approach to energy efficiency in museums
M. Abia, D. González-Lasala, A. Hurtado & J. Finat

Best Practices in ICT enabling energy-efficiency in the built environment
P. Maréchal, M. Bourdeau & A. Zarli

Process modelling of industrialized thermal renovation of apartment buildings
M. Falcon & F. Fontanili

Optimisation and simulation

Using Ant Colony Optimisation for infrastructure maintenance Scheduling
K. Lukas, A. Borrmann & E. Rank

Periodic operation of reverse osmosis desalination units
M.Q. Al-haj Ali

Logistic cargo loading optimisation
F. Hofmann, M. Bode & V. Berkhahn

Graph-based approaches for simulating pedestrian dynamics in building models
M. Höcker, V. Berkhahn, A. Kneidl, A. Borrmann & W. Klein

Black box vertical applications—useable numerical simulation tools for engineering analysis 
J.C. Robinson

Application of fuzzy analysis in simulation of construction processes 
U. Schirwitz, U. Reuter & R.J. Scherer

Semantic Web and GIS

Extending functionalities of Management Systems to CityGML
F.J. Delgado, R. Martínez, A. Hurtado & J. Finat

Towards a semantic-based approach for the creation of technical regulatory documents in building industry
K.R. Bouzidi, B. Fies, M. Bourdeau, C. Faron-Zucker & N. Le Than

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