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  • Crime and Society book cover

    Crime and Society

    1st Edition

    Edited by Donna Youngs

    Much of a society’s resources are devoted to dealing with, or preparing for the possibility of, crime. The dominance of concerns about crime also hint at the broader implications that offending has for many different facets of society. They suggest that rather than being an outlawed subset of…

    eBook – 2019-07-29 
    Contemporary Issues in Social Science

  • Policy Actors book cover

    Policy Actors

    1st Edition

    Edited by Stephen J. Ball

    Policy analysis has always attended to the role of elite actors, but much less often has the policy activity of ‘street level’ actors been attended to. The ‘implementation’ paradigm has tended to caricature the level of practice in terms of ‘resistors’ or policy failure, and ignored the demanding,…

    eBook – 2019-07-21 

  • Concepts in Composition: Theory and Practices in the Teaching of Writing book cover

    Concepts in Composition

    Theory and Practices in the Teaching of Writing, 3rd Edition

    Edited by Irene L. Clark

    Concepts in Composition is designed to foster reflection on how theory impacts practice, allowing prospective teachers to assume the dual role of both teacher and student as they enter the discipline of Writing Studies and become familiar with some of its critical conversations. Now in its Third…

    eBook – 2019-06-03 

  • Chocolate Conversation: Lead Bittersweet Change, Transform Your Business book cover

    Chocolate Conversation

    Lead Bittersweet Change, Transform Your Business, 1st Edition

    By Rose Fass

    The single factor that determines success or failure in big business today is conversation. Great leaders use public and private conversation to send a clear message, cultivate a common worldview, set high standards and reachable goals, and uncover concerns that can undermine an organization. So…

    EeBook – 2019-05-06 

  • Balkanization and Global Politics: Remaking Cities and Architecture book cover

    Balkanization and Global Politics

    Remaking Cities and Architecture, 1st Edition

    By Nikolina Bobic

    Ever-increasingly, countries, states and regions are voicing a desire to be autonomous through a process of balkanization. This book explores the historical emergence, interdisciplinary application and current sociospatial reasons why more places are seeking self-governance around the world. The…

    eBook – 2019-04-11 
    Routledge Studies in Urbanism and the City

  • Exploring Digital Technologies for Art-Based Special Education: Models and Methods for the Inclusive K-12 Classroom book cover

    Exploring Digital Technologies for Art-Based Special Education

    Models and Methods for the Inclusive K-12 Classroom, 1st Edition

    Edited by Rick L. Garner

    Exploring Digital Technologies for Art-Based Special Education details the use of digital technologies for inclusive art education, and showcases strategies for implementing arts-oriented technologies in primary- and secondary-level special education classrooms. Readers of the book will be…

    eBook – 2019-04-10 
    Routledge Research in Education

  • Soundtracks: International Dictionary of Composers of Music for Film book cover


    International Dictionary of Composers of Music for Film, 1st Edition

    By Stewart R. Craggs

    First published in 1998, music scored for film has only relatively recently received the critical attention which it merits. Many composers in the twentieth century have written works for films or documentaries, a number feeling that this aspect of their output has been undervalued. This dictionary…

    eBook – 2019-03-31 
    Routledge Revivals

  • The Pilgrimage of Charlemagne and Aucassin and Nicolette book cover

    The Pilgrimage of Charlemagne and Aucassin and Nicolette

    1st Edition

    Edited by Glyn S. Burgess, Anne Elizabeth Cobby

    Originally compiled and published in 1988, this volume contains the text and translation of 'The Pilgrimmage of Charlemagne' and 'Aucassin and Nicolette,' alongisde textual notes and a bibliography for both.…

    eBook – 2019-03-31 
    Routledge Revivals

  • Interaction for Designers: How To Make Things People Love book cover

    Interaction for Designers

    How To Make Things People Love, 1st Edition

    By Brian L.M Boyl

    Interaction for Designers shows you how to connect a product with its users, whether it’s a simple toaster, a complex ecosystem of intelligent devices, or a single app on your smartphone. This book covers the entire design process so you can start with an idea and carry it through to an engaging…

    eBook – 2019-03-22

  • Geocomputation with R book cover

    Geocomputation with R

    1st Edition

    By Robin Lovelace, Jakub Nowosad, Jannes Muenchow

    Geocomputation with R is for people who want to analyze, visualize and model geographic data with open source software. It is based on R, a statistical programming language that has powerful data processing, visualization, and geospatial capabilities. The book equips you with the knowledge and…

    eBook – 2019-03-22
    Chapman and Hall/CRC
    Chapman & Hall/CRC The R Series

  • Systematic Classroom Assessment: An Approach for Learning and Self-Regulation book cover

    Systematic Classroom Assessment

    An Approach for Learning and Self-Regulation, 1st Edition

    By Sarah M. Bonner, Peggy P. Chen

    Systematic Classroom Assessment promotes a fresh vision of assessment for student learning and achievement. Using a framework that positions assessment as both an iterative, purposeful cycle of inquiry for teachers as well as a coherent system of activities through which students engage in their…

    eBook – 2019-03-22

  • The Extraterritoriality of Law: History, Theory, Politics book cover

    The Extraterritoriality of Law

    History, Theory, Politics, 1st Edition

    Edited by Daniel S. Margolies, Umut Özsu, Maïa Pal, Ntina Tzouvala

    Questions of legal extraterritoriality figure prominently in scholarship on legal pluralism, transnational legal studies, international investment law, international human rights law, state responsibility under international law, and a large number of other areas. Yet many accounts of…

    eBook – 2019-03-22
    Politics of Transnational Law

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