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  • Plant Conservation: An Ecosystem Approach book cover

    Plant Conservation

    An Ecosystem Approach, 1st Edition

    By Alan Hamilton

    In this, the latest in the People and Plants series, plant conservation is described in the context of livelihoods and development, and ways of balancing the conservation of plant diversity with the use of plants and the environment for human benefit are discussed. A central contention in this book…

    eBook – 2013-06-17

  • The Forest Certification Handbook book cover

    The Forest Certification Handbook

    2nd Edition

    By Ruth Nussbaum, Markku Simula

    First published in 1995, The Forest Certification Handbook has become the landmark book concerning all aspects of forest and wood product certification from policy to business to in-the-field technical issues. Yet since first publication an enormous amount has happened in the field. This new second…

    eBook – 2013-06-17
    The Earthscan Forest Library

  • Forests in Landscapes: Ecosystem Approaches to Sustainability book cover

    Forests in Landscapes

    Ecosystem Approaches to Sustainability, 1st Edition

    Edited by Stewart Maginnis, Jeffrey A Sayer

    �At last a really useful book telling us how all the rhetoric about ecosystem approaches and sustainable forest management is being translated into practical solutions on the ground� CLAUDE MARTIN, WWF INTERNATIONAL �For too long, foresters have seen forests as logs waiting to be turned into…

    eBook – 2013-06-17

  • Plantations Privatization Poverty and Power: Changing Ownership and Management of State Forests book cover

    Plantations Privatization Poverty and Power

    Changing Ownership and Management of State Forests, 1st Edition

    By Michael Garforth, James Mayers

    Private sector delivery of state services is increasingly common worldwide, and state forest plantation management is no exception. Increasingly governments are transferring rights and responsibilities to the private sector for state-owned plantations. Some claim that this is the road to achieving…

    eBook – 2013-06-17
    The Earthscan Forest Library

  • Mountain Area Research and Management: Integrated Approaches book cover

    Mountain Area Research and Management

    Integrated Approaches, 1st Edition

    Edited by Martin F. Price

    This book brings together scientists and practitioners from five continents to present their experience in undertaking activities that contribute to our understanding and informed management of mountain areas. In particular, they address the challenges of working in interdisciplinary teams and of…

    eBook – 2013-06-17

  • The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture: Managing Systems at Risk book cover

    The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture

    Managing Systems at Risk, 1st Edition

    By Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

    The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture is FAO's first flagship publication on the global status of land and water resources. It is an 'advocacy' report, to be published every three to five years, and targeted at senior level decision makers in agriculture as…

    eBook – 2013-06-17

  • The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Business and Enterprise book cover

    The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Business and Enterprise

    1st Edition

    Edited by Joshua Bishop

    This book is a product of the TEEB study (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity). It provides important evidence of growing corporate concern about biodiversity loss and offers examples of how leading companies are taking action to conserve biodiversity and to restore ecosystems. …

    eBook – 2013-06-17
    TEEB - The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

  • Integrated Natural Resource Management in the Highlands of Eastern Africa: From Concept to Practice book cover

    Integrated Natural Resource Management in the Highlands of Eastern Africa

    From Concept to Practice, 1st Edition

    Edited by Laura Anne German, Jeremias Mowo, Tilahun Amede, Kenneth Masuki

    This book documents a decade of research, methodological innovation, and lessons learned in an eco-regional research-for-development program operating in the eastern African highlands, the African Highlands Initiative (AHI). It does this through reflections of the protagonists themselves—AHI site…

    eBook – 2013-06-17
    Earthscan Studies in Natural Resource Management

  • Wildfire Policy: Law and Economics Perspectives book cover

    Wildfire Policy

    Law and Economics Perspectives, 1st Edition

    Edited by Dean Lueck, Karen M. Bradshaw

    During the five decades since its origin, law and economics has provided an influential framework for addressing a wide array of areas of law ranging from judicial behaviour to contracts. This book will reflects the first-ever forum for law and economics scholars to apply the analysis and…

    eBook – 2013-06-17

  • Public and Private in Natural Resource Governance: A False Dichotomy? book cover

    Public and Private in Natural Resource Governance

    A False Dichotomy?, 1st Edition

    Edited by Thomas Sikor

    �This volume develops the rich conceptual and empirical content of public-private relationships, increasingly acknowledged as the dominant realm of natural resource governance. Ten wonderful studies from around the world illuminate opportunities for advancing the theory, analysis and effective…

    eBook – 2013-05-13
    Earthscan Research Editions

  • The Limits to Scarcity: Contesting the Politics of Allocation book cover

    The Limits to Scarcity

    Contesting the Politics of Allocation, 1st Edition

    By Lyla Mehta

    Scarcity is considered a ubiquitous feature of the human condition. It underpins much of modern economics and is widely used as an explanation for social organisation, social conflict and the resource crunch confronting humanity's survival on the planet. It is made out to be an all-pervasive fact…

    eBook – 2013-05-13

  • Archaeology in Environment and Technology: Intersections and Transformations book cover

    Archaeology in Environment and Technology

    Intersections and Transformations, 1st Edition

    Edited by David Frankel, Susan Lawrence, Jennifer Webb

    Environments, landscapes, and ecological systems are often seen as fundamental by archaeologists, but how they relate to society is understood in very different ways. The chapters in this book take environment, culture, and technology together. All have been the focus of much attention; often one…

    eBook – 2013-05-02
    Routledge Studies in Archaeology

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