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  • Mary Hays (1759-1843): The Growth of a Woman's Mind book cover

    Mary Hays (1759-1843)

    The Growth of a Woman's Mind, 1st Edition

    By Gina Luria Walker

    Mary Hays, reformist, novelist, and innovative thinker, has been waiting two hundred years to be judged in a fair, scholarly, and comprehensive way. During her lifetime and long after, her role in the ongoing reformist debates in England at the end of the eighteenth century, intensified by the…

    eBook – 2020-03-31 

  • Contemporary Publishing and the Culture of Books book cover

    Contemporary Publishing and the Culture of Books

    1st Edition

    Edited by Alison Baverstock, Richard Bradford, Madelena Gonzalez

    Contemporary Publishing and the Culture of Books is a comprehensive resource that builds bridges between the traditional focus and methodologies of literary studies and the actualities of modern and contemporary literature, including the realities of professional writing, the conventions and…

    eBook – 2020-01-16

  • Homicide in the Attic Orators: Rhetoric, Ideology, and Context book cover

    Homicide in the Attic Orators

    Rhetoric, Ideology, and Context, 1st Edition

    By Christine Plastow

    This study identifies specific features in the legal procedure and social perception of homicide in Athens in the time of the orators and examines how these features affected and were represented and utilised in forensic rhetoric. The socially transgressive nature of the crime in Athens resulted in…

    eBook – 2020-01-16
    Routledge Monographs in Classical Studies

  • Contemporary Rewritings of Liminal Women: Echoes of the Past book cover

    Contemporary Rewritings of Liminal Women

    Echoes of the Past, 1st Edition

    By Miriam Borham-Puyal

    This book explores the concept of liminality in the representation of women in eighteenth and nineteenth century literature, as well as in contemporary rewritings, such as novels, films, television shows, videogames, and graphic novels. In particular, the volume focuses on vampires, prostitutes,…

    eBook – 2020-01-15
    Among the Victorians and Modernists

  • Poetry and the Question of Modernity: From Heidegger to the Present book cover

    Poetry and the Question of Modernity

    From Heidegger to the Present, 1st Edition

    By Ian Cooper

    Interest in Martin Heidegger was recently reawakened by the revelations, in his newly published ‘Black Notebooks’, of the full terrible extent of his political commitments in the 1930s and 1940s. The revelations reminded us of the dark allegiances co-existing with one of the profoundest and most…

    eBook – 2020-01-15
    Routledge Studies in Contemporary Literature

  • Biotheory: Life and Death under Capitalism book cover


    Life and Death under Capitalism, 1st Edition

    Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Peter Hitchcock

    Forged at the intersection of intense interest in the pertinence and uses of biopolitics and biopower, this volume analyzes theoretical and practical paradigms for understanding and challenging the socioeconomic determinations of life and death in contemporary capitalism. Its contributors offer a…

    eBook – 2020-01-15
    Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature

  • Literature and Materialisms book cover

    Literature and Materialisms

    1st Edition

    By Frederic Neyrat

    Literature and Materialisms sheds light on the current new wave of materialisms and assesses the impact on literary theory and criticism. It maps the similarities and differences between speculative realism, object-oriented philosophy, and vitalism. A genealogy of materialisms, vitalisms,…

    eBook – 2020-01-14
    Literature and Contemporary Thought

  • Ancestor Worship and the Elite in Late Iron Age Scandinavia: A Grave Matter book cover

    Ancestor Worship and the Elite in Late Iron Age Scandinavia

    A Grave Matter, 1st Edition

    By Triin Laidoner

    Ancestor worship is often assumed by contemporary European audiences to be an outdated and primitive tradition with little relevance to our societies, past and present. This book questions that assumption and seeks to determine whether ancestor ideology was an integral part of religion in Viking…

    eBook – 2020-01-14
    Studies in Medieval History and Culture

  • Empty Nurseries, Queer Occupants: Reproduction and the Future in Ibsen’s Late Plays book cover

    Empty Nurseries, Queer Occupants

    Reproduction and the Future in Ibsen’s Late Plays, 1st Edition

    By Olivia Noble Gunn

    Who is the proper occupant of the nursery? The obvious answer is the child, and not an archive, a seductive troll-princess, or poor fosterlings. Nevertheless, characters in Hedda Gabler, The Master Builder, and Little Eyolf intend to host these improper occupants in their children’s rooms. Dr. Gunn…

    eBook – 2020-01-14
    Studies in Childhood, 1700 to the Present

  • Poetry and Uselessness: From Coleridge to Ashbery book cover

    Poetry and Uselessness

    From Coleridge to Ashbery, 1st Edition

    By Robert Archambeau

    W.H. Auden famously claimed "poetry makes nothing happen." That may or may not be the case, but the idea that poetry makes nothing happen has, itself, been extremely influential, and has made a great deal happen in the world.  This book examines several of the main currents in literary history as…

    eBook – 2020-01-13
    Among the Victorians and Modernists

  • Hope and Aesthetic Utility in Modernist Literature book cover

    Hope and Aesthetic Utility in Modernist Literature

    1st Edition

    By Tim DeJong

    "Hope" and "modernism" are two words that are not commonly linked. Moving from much-discussed negative affects to positive forms of feeling, Hope and Aesthetic Utility in Modernist Literature argues that they should be. This book contends that much of modernist writing and thought reveals a deeply…

    eBook – 2020-01-13
    Routledge Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature

  • Charles Simic and the Poetics of Uncertainty book cover

    Charles Simic and the Poetics of Uncertainty

    1st Edition

    By Donovan McAbee

    Charles Simic and the Poetics of Uncertainty provides the first full account of the poetics of the former US Poet Laureate, who is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed English-language poets writing today. The book argues for uncertainty as the center of Simic’s poetics and addresses…

    eBook – 2020-01-09

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