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  • Stories of Cosmopolitan Belonging: Emotion and Location book cover

    Stories of Cosmopolitan Belonging

    Emotion and Location, 1st Edition

    Edited by Hannah Jones, Emma Jackson

    What does it mean to belong in a place, or more than one place? This exciting new volume brings together work from cutting-edge interdisciplinary scholars researching home, migration and belonging, using their original research to argue for greater attention to how feeling and emotion is deeply…

    eBook – 2014-06-20

  • Framing Places: Mediating Power in Built Form book cover

    Framing Places

    Mediating Power in Built Form, 2nd Edition

    By Kim Dovey

    Framing Places is an account of the nexus between place and power, investigating how the built forms of architecture and urban design act as mediators of social practices of power. Explored through a range of theories and case studies, this examination shows how lives are 'framed' within the…

    eBook – 2014-04-23

  • The Creative Class Goes Global book cover

    The Creative Class Goes Global

    1st Edition

    Edited by Charlotta Mellander, Richard Florida, Bjørn T. Asheim, Meric Gertler

    The whole landscape of research in urban studies was revolutionized by the publication of Richard Florida’s The Rise of the Creative Class in 2002, and his subsequent book entitled The Flight of the Creative Class has helped to maintain a decade-long explosion of interest in the field. While these…

    eBook – 2013-11-07
    Regions and Cities

  • Relational Architectural Ecologies: Architecture, Nature and Subjectivity book cover

    Relational Architectural Ecologies

    Architecture, Nature and Subjectivity, 1st Edition

    Edited by Peg Rawes

    Examining the complex social and material relationships between architecture and ecology which constitute modern cultures, this collection responds to the need to extend architectural thinking about ecology beyond current design literatures. This book shows how the ‘habitats’, ‘natural milieus’, ‘…

    eBook – 2013-08-22

  • Corrections and Collections: Architectures for Art and Crime book cover

    Corrections and Collections

    Architectures for Art and Crime, 1st Edition

    By Joe Day

    America holds more than two million inmates in its prisons and jails, and hosts more than two million daily visits to museums, figures which represent a ten-fold increase in the last twenty-five years. Corrections and Collections explores and connects these two massive expansions in our built…

    eBook – 2013-08-21

  • Staging the New Berlin: Place Marketing and the Politics of Urban Reinvention Post-1989 book cover

    Staging the New Berlin

    Place Marketing and the Politics of Urban Reinvention Post-1989, 1st Edition

    By Claire Colomb

    This book explores the politics of place marketing and the process of ‘urban reinvention’ in Berlin between 1989 and 2011. In the context of the dramatic socio-economic restructuring processes, changes in urban governance and physical transformation of the city following the Fall of the Wall, the ‘…

    eBook – 2013-06-17
    Planning, History and Environment Series

  • Building Inclusive Cities: Women’s Safety and the Right to the City book cover

    Building Inclusive Cities

    Women’s Safety and the Right to the City, 1st Edition

    Edited by Carolyn Whitzman, Crystal Legacy, Caroline Andrew, Fran Klodawsky, Margaret Shaw, Kalpana Viswanath

    Building on a growing movement within developing countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, as well as Europe and North America, this book documents cutting edge practice and builds theory around a rights based approach to women’s safety in the context of poverty reduction and social…

    eBook – 2013-03-05

  • Architecture, Crisis and Resuscitation: The Reproduction of Post-Fordism in Late-Twentieth-Century Architecture book cover

    Architecture, Crisis and Resuscitation

    The Reproduction of Post-Fordism in Late-Twentieth-Century Architecture, 1st Edition

    By Tahl Kaminer

    Studying the relation of architecture to society, this book explains the manner in which the discipline of architecture adjusted itself in order to satisfy new pressures by society. Consequently, it offers an understanding of contemporary conditions and phenomena, ranging from the…

    eBook – 2011-01-20

  • Third World Modernism: Architecture, Development and Identity book cover

    Third World Modernism

    Architecture, Development and Identity, 1st Edition

    Edited by Duanfang Lu

    This set of essays brings together studies that challenge interpretations of the development of modernist architecture in Third World countries during the Cold War. The topics look at modernism’s part in the transnational development of building technologies and the construction of national and…

    eBook – 2010-11-02

  • Becoming Places: Urbanism / Architecture / Identity / Power book cover

    Becoming Places

    Urbanism / Architecture / Identity / Power, 1st Edition

    By Kim Dovey

    About the practices and politics of place and identity formation – the slippery ways in which who we are becomes wrapped up with where we are – this book exposes the relations of place to power. It links everyday aspects of place experience to the social theories of Deleuze and Bourdieu…

    eBook – 2009-07-09

  • The City in American Political Development book cover

    The City in American Political Development

    1st Edition

    Edited by Richardson Dilworth

    There are nearly 20,000 general-purpose municipal governments—cities—in the United States, employing more people than the federal government. About twenty of those cities received charters of incorporation well before ratification of the U.S. Constitution, and several others were established urban…

    eBook – 2009-04-01

  • Architecture and its Ethical Dilemmas book cover

    Architecture and its Ethical Dilemmas

    1st Edition

    Edited by Nicholas Ray

    A cast of leading writers and practitioners tackle the ethical questions that architects are increasingly facing in their work, from practical considerations in construction to the wider social context of buildings, their appearance, use and place in the narrative of the environment. This book…

    eBook – 2007-05-07
    Taylor & Francis

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