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  • Empowering Asian Youth through Volunteering: Examples of Theory into Practice book cover

    Empowering Asian Youth through Volunteering

    Examples of Theory into Practice, 1st Edition

    By Elaine Suk Ching Liu

    This book describes the origin, development and current state of volunteerism in Asia and Hong Kong. It also presents a field-tested model of empowering through volunteerism (namely, the CYEP at City University), that involves youth, governmental and non-governmental agencies and their…

    eBook – 2019-09-09
    Routledge Studies in Asian Behavioural Sciences

  • The Positive Social Worker book cover

    The Positive Social Worker

    1st Edition

    By Stewart Collins

    Developed from the author’s own experiences in social work and social work education, this book considers alternative approaches for social workers in dealing with the extensive demands, persistent pressures, and stress that they may face in their daily working lives. The Positive Social Worker is…

    eBook – 2019-09-09

  • Mathematics in Engineering Sciences: Novel Theories, Technologies, and Applications book cover

    Mathematics in Engineering Sciences

    Novel Theories, Technologies, and Applications, 1st Edition

    Edited by Mangey Ram

    This book includes research studies, novel theory, as well as new methodology and applications in mathematics and management sciences. The book will provide a comprehensive range of mathematics applied to engineering areas for different tasks. It will offer an international perspective and a bridge…

    eBook – 2019-09-09
    CRC Press
    Mathematical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Management Sciences

  • The Dynamics of News: Journalism in the 21st-Century Media Milieu book cover

    The Dynamics of News

    Journalism in the 21st-Century Media Milieu, 1st Edition

    By Richard M. Perloff

    This new and highly readable textbook by Richard M. Perloff introduces students to the complex world of contemporary news and its theoretical underpinnings, engaging with debates and ethical quandaries. The book takes readers on a concept-guided tour of the contours, continuities, and changing…

    eBook – 2019-09-09

  • Literature and the World book cover

    Literature and the World

    1st Edition

    By Stefan Helgesson, Mads Rosendahl Thomsen

    Literature and the World presents a broad and multifaceted introduction to world literature and globalization. The book provides a brief background and history of the field followed by a wide spectrum of exemplary readings and case studies from around the world. Amongst other aspects of World…

    eBook – 2019-09-09
    Literature and Contemporary Thought

  • Anthology for Hearing Rhythm and Meter book cover

    Anthology for Hearing Rhythm and Meter

    1st Edition

    By Matthew Santa

    This full-score anthology for Hearing Rhythm and Meter: Analyzing Metrical Consonance and Dissonance in Common-Practice Period Music supports the textbook of the same name, the first book to present a comprehensive course text on advanced analysis of rhythm and meter. From the Baroque to the…

    eBook – 2019-09-09

  • Design and Nature: A Partnership book cover

    Design and Nature

    A Partnership, 1st Edition

    Edited by Kate Fletcher, Louise St. Pierre, Mathilda Tham

    Organised as a dialogue between nature and design, this book explores design ideas, opportunities, visions and practices through relating and uncovering experience of the natural world. Presented as an edited collection of 25 wide-ranging short chapters, the book explores the possibility of new…

    eBook – 2019-09-09

  • Alternative Iron Ages: Social Theory from Archaeological Analysis book cover

    Alternative Iron Ages

    Social Theory from Archaeological Analysis, 1st Edition

    Edited by Brais X. Currás, Inés Sastre

    Alternative Iron Ages examines Iron Age social formations that sit outside traditional paradigms, developing methods for archaeological characterisation of alternative models of society. In so doing it contributes to the debates concerning the construction and resistance of inequality taking place…

    eBook – 2019-09-09
    Routledge Studies in Archaeology

  • Housing, Neoliberalism and the Archive: Reinterpreting the Rise and Fall of Public Housing book cover

    Housing, Neoliberalism and the Archive

    Reinterpreting the Rise and Fall of Public Housing, 1st Edition

    By Kathleen Flanagan

    From the mid-1940s, state housing authorities in Australia built large housing estates to enable home ownership by working-class families, but the public housing system they created is now regarded as broken. Contemporary problems with the sustainability, effectiveness and reputation of the…

    eBook – 2019-09-09
    Explorations in Housing Studies

  • Language and Cultural Practices in Communities and Schools: Bridging Learning for Students from Non-Dominant Groups book cover

    Language and Cultural Practices in Communities and Schools

    Bridging Learning for Students from Non-Dominant Groups, 1st Edition

    Edited by Inmaculada M. García-Sánchez, Marjorie Faulstich Orellana

    Drawing on sociocultural theories of learning, this book examines how the everyday language practices and cultural funds of knowledge of youth from non-dominant or minoritized groups can be used as centerpoints for classroom learning in ways that help all students both to sustain and expand their…

    eBook – 2019-09-09

  • The Sense of Smell in the Middle Ages: A Source of Certainty book cover

    The Sense of Smell in the Middle Ages

    A Source of Certainty, 1st Edition

    By Katelynn Robinson

    Odors, including those of incense, spices, cooking, and refuse, were both ubiquitous and meaningful in central and late medieval Western Europe. The significance of the sense of smell is evident in scholastic Latin texts, most of which are untranslated and unedited by modern scholars. Between the…

    eBook – 2019-09-09
    Studies in Medieval History and Culture

  • Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D, second edition book cover

    Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D, second edition

    2nd Edition

    By Alex Okita

    Learning C# Programming with Unity 3D, Second Edition is for the novice game programmer without any prior programming experience. Readers will learn how C# is used to make a game in Unity 3D. Many example projects provide working code to learn from and experiment with. As C# evolves, Unity 3D…

    eBook – 2019-09-09
    A K Peters/CRC Press

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