E-books: Book Series

Routledge New Textual Studies in Literature

This series seeks to shift the priorities of existing scholarship on literature written in English, producing ground-breaking studies using archives, manuscripts, papers, collections, digital and facsimile collections, and all forms of primary texts and material. It will capitalize on the opportunity represented by the unprecedented wealth of primary materials now available to scholars working across this broad period. Amongst other things, the outputs in this series will:

  • Reappraise canonical authors or movements in relation to new or overlooked archival evidence, asking how the canon might look different in light of this
  • Re-evaluate a well-known genre, movement, or idea through attention to a wide range of texts or primary material
  • Exploit and explore the rich variety of texts and primary sources now available digitally or in newly accessible physical archives
  • Build on the work of new print editions
  • Focus on manuscripts, letters, personal papers, or ephemera to challenge and reshape existing scholarship
  • Articulate new and fresh methodological approaches to archival, digital-archival, or textual material

Books in this series will transform our understanding of the canon or of standard narratives of literary and cultural history by drawing upon primary materials, especially those that are rare, manuscript, out-of-print, ignored, commonly overlooked, or newly available.