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Routledge Studies in Constraints-Based Methodologies in Sport

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A constraints-based framework has informed the way that many sport scientists seek to understand performance, learning design and the development of expertise and talent in sport, but its translation from theory to everyday coaching practice has proven challenging. Routledge Studies in Constraints-Based Methodologies in Sport provides practitioners and academics with material relating to the full breadth of the application of a constraints-based methodology in sport to in order to bridge this gap.

Introduced by a foundational text which sets out a practical design framework, and including concise books on sport-specific studies written by expert coaches, the series includes content on motor learning, skill acquisition and talent development for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and specialist knowledge on different constraints-based models for coaches, physical education teachers, sport scientists and performance analysts.

The series provides the most comprehensive, theoretically sound and practically relevant guide to understanding and implementing constraints-led approaches to skill acquisition and talent development.