Hybrid Teaching and Learning Chapter Sampler

This Chapter Sampler covers the basics of creating video content for your classroom, including the benefits of flipped classrooms and multimedia instruction; advice for instructors recording lectures for the first time; and practical tips for managing your camera and editing software. While some tips may be more advanced or depend on the equipment you plan on using, we hope this Chapter Sampler lays the groundwork for putting together a successful video presentation like a seasoned pro.

This Chapter Sampler features selections from four of our leading titles on teaching online and prouducing videos, including:

1.  Best Practices for Flipping the College Classroom edited by Julee B. Waldrop, Melody A. Bowdon.

2.  Thriving as an Online K-12 Educator by Jody Peerless Green.

3.  Producing Video for Teaching and Learning  by Michael O'Donoghue.

4.  Producing Videos by Martha Mollisony.

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