Faculty Resources

The Faculty Resources hub offers everything you need to know to help you with your career in academia. With loads of free content to download and short articles addressing key topics, our aim is to help you navigate your journey as a professional working in higher education.

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Professional Development

Broaden your skill set with tools to help you at every stage of your career. We cover all the basics from securing tenure, to teaching a study abroad course, to building a professional network, and more.

Student Engagement

One of the biggest challenges facing professors today is how to keep students actively engaged in the classroom. This section offers solutions and activities aimed at making lectures more interesting, increasing participation, and improving your classroom to meet your students' needs.

Online Learning and New Technologies

Learn how to bring your classroom into the digital era, including incorporating video and multimedia in your teaching, exploring new platforms to revitalize your online course, and discovering the benefits of open education resources.

Research Support

As one of the leading academic publishers, we understand the importance and pressure to continuously publish new research in your field. We're here to help guide you from getting the most out of all your campus library has to offer to navigating the path to publishing.

Working with Your Library

Your university library’s impact reaches far beyond the shelves. How can your subject librarian help you find the right resources for your course and for your students? We are collating as much information as we can to help guide you and your students to understand how to make the most of your institution’s library.

Wellbeing and Inclusivity on Campus

Finding the time to optimize your work-life balance while meeting both your and your students' needs can take a toll on your mental and physical wellbeing. We've collected resources to tackle time management and mitigate stress levels, while also helping you create a safe and positive environment for your students.

Resources by Subject

Looking for content related to your specific discipline? Browse all our content on the latest trends and topics in your subject area. Our authors are experts in their field and are contributing pieces that will help springboard your curriculum design.

For Students

The Student Survival Skills hub offers everything you need to know to help you with the questions that face all students.