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As one of the leading academic publishers, we understand the importance and pressure to continuously publish new research in your field. We're here to help guide you from getting the most out of all your campus library has to offer to navigating the path to publishing.

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Free Resources and Articles:

Academics & Librarians (ThingLink)

Supporting students and researchers is a key goal for both academic faculty members and librarians. There are many ways that faculty members and librarians work together to achieve that goal. This ThingLink explains the benefit of collaboration alongside some key resources you may find interesting.

How to Recommend Digital Products to Your Librarian

We've conducted surveys to measure concern about course material costs and whether faculty work with campus libraries to incorporate digital resources in their classrooms. Here is our guide to help you better navigate your relationship with your librarian. 

Busting Open Access Books Myths

We've created this report to help develop your understanding of Open Access and guide you through the tricky questions that can arise when deciding how best to publish your work.

Top 10 Tips for Balancing Teaching and Research (Snapshot)

Finding the right balance between teaching and research is an important part of being an academic and faculty member. This snapshot will take you through some top tips to help you succeed in finding balance.

Balancing Teaching and Research (Infographic)

Do you struggle with balancing your teaching and research? We surveyed over 80 members of faculty and have produced an infographic based on their handy top tips!

Learning to Love, Not Stress, Beginning Research

While conducting research is hard, there are some ways to narrow your focus and make getting started easier. We've rounded up these simple tips from Doing Academic Research.

Key Tips for a Successful Book Proposal (Snapshot)

We have taken insights from our global editorial team across Routledge and CRC Press to develop guidance on how to prepare a successful book proposal.

The Value of Your Academic Library (Infographic)

This downloadable infographic will remind students and staff alike of the value the library can bring!