Working with your Library

Your university library’s impact reaches far beyond the shelves. An academic library offers a continually developing host of resources to help you in your research and course development, as well as providing support and guidance for your students.

But how do you discover what online databases, or the more traditional physical book, are available in your library? How can your subject librarian help you find the right resources for your course and for your students? We are collating as much information as we can to help guide you and your students to understand how to make the most of your institution’s library.

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Utilizing Digital Resources:

Do you know which digital platforms your library has access to? Do you know how to use them? Or which will be most useful for your students? In recent years there has been a huge growth in the availability and quality of digital resources. These resources will help you develop your knowledge of these platforms.

Promote the Value of eBooks in Your Library

Why use eBooks? eBooks are portable, environmentally friendly and portable! Download the infographic to find out the many more advantages of using eBooks and print it out for your library!

How to Recommend Digital Products to Your Librarian

We've conducted surveys to measure concern about course material costs and whether faculty work with campus libraries to incorporate digital resources in their classrooms. Here is our guide to help you better navigate your relationship with your librarian.

Your eBooks from Taylor & Francis

Download our Taylor & Francis eBook infographic to display in your library to encourage usage and raise eBook awareness.

Textbook Affordability:

Ensuring your students have access to good quality textbooks that provide the information they need, and that are also affordable can often be a challenge. How can your library support you in this? 

Textbook and Course Materials Affordability Survey Report

The report discusses cost concerns for faculty, students and campus libraries, the impact of digital resources, advantages of social media, relationships of faculty and campus librarians and how it affects student performance.

How does Textbook Affordability Impact Public and Private Institutions?

How does textbook affordability impact public and private institutions? This snapshot will cover textbook affordability through the perspectives of librarians and faculty. Librarians and faculty of public and private institutions were asked questions about textbook affordability.

Supporting Students:

It can often be difficult to help students understand how to get the most from their university library, to see it as more than a storage room for books. These resources will help you to get the message across, and to provide you with ideas for how to work more closely with your subject librarian to aid students' success. 

Supporting Student Needs

Even without the recent growth in ebooks, digital resources, and online learning, students can often find it difficult to navigate their library and find the best resources for their study. This chapter sampler offers Faculty and Librarians guidance on how to ensure your students understand and can use the resources available in their library.

Academics & Librarians - working together to support students and researchers

Supporting students and researchers is a key goal for both academic faculty members and librarians. There are many ways that faculty members and librarians work together to achieve that goal. This ThingLink explains the benefit of collaboration alongside some key resources you may find interesting.


How to make the most out of your library

Are you making the most out of your library space? We have produced an infographic you can download here and put up in your university to remind students and staff alike of how best to utilize the resources on offer to you!

Supporting Distance Learners

Supporting Distance Learners has been produced to help guide library practitioners with essential information and advice on how to establish a virtual library, which is supportive of online distance delivered programs, in order to embed library reference services and resources into online courses.