Read, engage and discover with Taylor & Francis eTextbooks

Reading and learning is now easier than ever before. Whether you’re a visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinesthetic learner, Taylor & Francis eTextbooks (aka digital textbooks) have something for you! Through a dynamic learning experience, our interactive features can help keep you engaged to understand and retain the content better, which ultimately leads you to greater success.


1. Audio reading

eTextbooks contain professionally-recorded audio excerpts, including music and enunciation, to enhance learning according to your needs.

2. Notes, highlights and share

Personalise your learnings/teachings to increase comprehension or call out important information and share with your friends/students/colleagues.

3. Tests & quizzes

Utilise evaluation to engage you and assess your competencies during various learning stages.

4. Quick citations

Helps you to give proper credits and submit proper research quickly and easily.

5. Flashcards

A self-testing approach engaging active recall which teaches your brain to remember effectively.


1. Portable

Forgot your textbook? Don’t worry. Get your phone or laptop out and browse your eTextbook online wherever you are.

2. Sustainability

Although our books are printed on FSC certified paper, help us protect the planet/do more by fulfilling order electronically rather than print – eTextbooks have a lower environmental impact, especially as there is no postage and packaging involved.

3. Interactive

Bookmark and annotate to customize the text for learning/teaching and sharing with your friends/colleagues.

4. Discoverability

Search functionality helps you to find information you require quickly and effectively.