Silvia Edling and Geraldine Mooney Simmie, co-authors of Democracy and Teacher Education, discuss the main themes explored in their book. 

Democracy and Teacher Education is a fantastic resource for students in teacher education programmes, as well as teacher educators, who are looking to develop a critical understanding of the choices made within the education field in a more thoughtful and sensitive manner.


Chapter 2: Historical Background

Chapter 2- Historical Bacground

Chapter 3: The Policy Cycle

Chapter 3- The Policy Cycle

Chapter 4: Teacher Professionalism & Democracy

Chapter 4- Teacher Professionalism and Democracy

Chapter 5: Knowledge and Democracy

Chapter 5- Knowledge and Democracy

Chapter 6- Dawinian Strength

Chapter 6- Darwinian Strength


Chapter 7- Teacher Reflexivity

Chapter 7- Teacher Reflexivity


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