Explore the Hope Teacher Rating Scale

The HOPE Teacher Rating Scale is designed to help guide teachers in identifying gifted students for programming. With multiple measures and multiple pathways crucial for reversing the inequities in identifying culturally, economically, and linguistically diverse students, a teacher-nomination instrument like the HOPE Teacher Rating Scale is an important component of identification systems.

The HOPE Teacher Rating Scale items have been well-developed and subjected to research using more than 12,000 diverse students in five validity studies to date. The manual is useful in understanding and interpreting the scores generated from teachers’ ratings of their students. This instrument is a must-have for any administrator or gifted program coordinator involved in student identification.

Hope Scale

What makes the HOPE Teacher Rating Scale Unique? 

  • it is short and concise, with only 11 items that measure academic and social/affective components of giftedness, making it easy to use;
  • it is invariant when used to identify students from low-income and culturally diverse families;
  • it can be used across grade levels, K–12; and
  • local norms ensure that the data are relevant to the specific school populations.



How to Purchase the HOPE Teacher Rating Scale 

The HOPE Scale is a product of Prufrock Press, now a part of Routledge, and is available to purchase in both print and electronic formats. Printed kits and forms can be purchased using a credit card online at routledge.com. To purchase the HOPE Scales using a Purchase Order, please fill out the Contact Us form below.

The following printed products are available to suit the needs of both new and returning customers:

Complete Kit: Administration Manual & 50 Forms
Pack: 9781618214539: $150.00
Pb: 9781618214522: $74.95
Set of 50 Forms
Loose-leaf: 9781618214546: $74.95
Online Version: 100 Seats
Web: 9781003232414: $150.00