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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from books exploring the best ways to navigate issues surrounding race and racism on campus, including the following:

1.  Chapter 1: Exploring How Student Learning Works from Decoding Privilege: Exploring White College Students' Views on Social Inequality By D. Scott Tharp.

2.  Chapter 1: Speaking Truth to Power: Institutionalized Racism in the Academy from Confronting Institutionalized Racism in Higher Education: Counternarratives for Racial Justice By Dianne Ramdeholl, Jaye Jones.

3.  Chapter 13: Doing Class in Critical Race Analysis in Education from Handbook of Critical Race Theory in Education Edited By Marvin Lynn, Adrienne D. Dixson.

4.  Chapter 1: Using Visual Sociology to Study Institutional Racism at Virginia Universities from Racism on Campus: A Visual History of Prominent Virginia Colleges and Howard University By Stephen C. Poulson.

5.  Chapter 1: Black Leadership within Anti-Black Schools from Black Educational Leadership: From Silencing to Authenticity By Rachelle Rogers-Ard, Christopher B. Knaus.

6.  Chapter 3: Black(ness) Is, Black(ness) Ain’t: Critical Race English Education From Critical Race English Education: New Visions, New Possibilities By Lamar L. Johnson.

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