The Feminine FreeBook

The Feminine showcases material drawn from books in the IPA’s portfolio of series that is concerned very broadly with The Feminine.

In this FreeBook, you will find explorations of various topics such as the female body, motherhood, sexuality, and Freud’s views on femininity. We hope this will provide a taste of the quality and depth of the material in the various IPA book series on the Feminine in particular, and of the writing on many other cutting-edge topics within psychoanalysis more generally.

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What's included:

1. The Feminine-Maternal Origins of Ethics from The Ethical Seduction of the Analytic Situation: The Feminine-Maternal Origins of Responsibility for the Other by Viviane Chetrit-Vatine

2. The Female Body as a Cultural Playground from The Female Body: Inside and Outside edited by Ingrid Moeslein-Teising and Frances Thomson Salo

3. Keeping Envy in Mind: The Vicissitudes of Envy in Adolescent Motherhood from Envy and Gratitude Revisited edited by Priscilla Roth and Alessandra Lemma

4. Are Women Still in Danger of Being Misunderstood? from On Freud’s "Femininity" edited by Leticia Glocer Fiorini and Graciela Abelin-Sas Rose 

5. Traumatic Seduction and Sexual Inhibition from On Freud’s "Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety" edited by Samuel Arbiser and Jorge Schneider