The Routledge Studies in Edward Albee and American Theatre book series aims to examine mid-to-late 20th Century American theatre; its most influential and important playwright, Edward Albee; and his contemporaries. This series is equally dedicated to both dramatic literature and theatrical performance, thinking about the American theatre in its totality. This series wants to examine the milieu of American theatre during the course of Albee’s six-decade-long career. Additionally, Edward Albee was a great champion of supporting other playwrights; therefore, in keeping with the mission of the Edward Albee Society, this series is especially interested in books about playwrights that were influenced by Albee.

In addition to monographs and edited collections that fall under the above purview, there will also be a sub-series of edited books that looks at a specific decade of American theatre through the lens of Albee and his milieu (e.g. Edward Albee and the American Theatre in the 1960s or Edward Albee and the American Theatre in the 1990s, etc.).