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Open Plus Books

Open Plus Books

Open Plus Books is a brand-new book format created by Taylor & Francis and F1000Research, that fuses the traditional print and Open Access books model with the Open Research publishing model. Open Plus Books sit on a dynamic, updateable, and interactive Open Research publishing platform, as well as being published as a book in print and Open Access format.

Combining Taylor & Francis Books heritage with F1000Research technology.

Features and benefits of Open Plus Book

Rapid Publication
Chapters are published Open Access on the Open Research platform within days of submission and acceptance. Individual chapters can be published as soon as they are complete: no need to wait for all chapters to be delivered.

Books are no longer static publications, but dynamic and evolving. Authors and book editors can add additional chapters at any time to reflect developments in research, thinking, and knowledge. The format is suitable for authored and edited books as well as conference proceedings, handbooks, and encyclopaedias.

Authors can use the “versioning” functionality on the platform to keep chapters up to date through timely new versions – such as updates to data, standards, codes, policy, research – which can be reviewed and commented on. All versions of the text are linked and can be accessed via the book page on the platform.

Underlying Data and Interactivity
Where applicable, chapters can include underlying data and interactive figures, enabling visualization, interaction, reanalysis, replication, and reuse. This also supports scholars getting credit for their contributions to research. Publications on the platform benefit from support for code syntax highlighting, so code is fully readable in the body of the chapter.

Open Peer Review
All chapters receive open invited peer review and can then be revised. Once passed they will be indexed automatically in bibliographic databases.

Authors, not publishers, decide when they want to make updates or amendments, and when they want to the book published in print. Further updates can be included in subsequent editions of the print and OA book.

Evolving Knowledge
Book chapters sit in a Gateway – or hub – on the platform, which can be disciplinary, interdisciplinary, or multidisciplinary. Gateways can become landmark collections of related research such as book chapters, journal articles, data sets,
slides, posters, guidelines, white papers, and other documents. They can be created on behalf of authors, research communities, organisations, departments,
societies, and funders looking to make their research output highly visible and impactful.

Supporting Research Communities
Gateways enable and encourage collaboration within and between research communities to evolve knowledge in single disciplines and across disciplines. The opportunity to comment on content and/or to contribute additional content to a Gateway enables members of a community to build upon new ideas quickly. Barriers to collaborative research are reduced through data sharing, transparency, and attribution.

Author care and support
Authors and editors will receive high-level of support and engagement from proposal to publication from the Routledge and CRC Press editorial teams.