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The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) is an international research institute that provides objective information on military, geopolitical and geo-economic developments that could lead to conflict.

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The Military Balance 2024 - The Military Balance has been published since 1959. The 2024 edition provides an open-source assessment of the armed forces and equipment inventories of over 170 countries, with accompanying defence economics data. The 65th edition examines emerging lessons from Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, details Chinese military activity around Taiwan, and identifies developments in uninhabited aerial vehicle exports. The accompanying wallchart spotlights the important issues around critical national infrastructure in the Euro-Atlantic.

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Planning for Protraction: A Historically Informed Approach to Great-power War and Sino-US Competition - As Sino-US relations have deteriorated, concerns have grown in Washington over its ability to defeat China in a major conflict. A conflict between such peer competitors would likely become a protracted war of attrition drawing on all dimensions of national power, but this reality has yet to receive a sufficient degree of analytical attention.

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Changing the Narrative: Information Campaigns, Strategy and Crisis Escalation in the Digital Age - Narratives provide the storylines of conflict and in doing so become an arena of conflict themselves. When states mount information campaigns against each other, they are trying to change the narrative. The digital platforms of the new information environment have been identified by various analysts as a significant factor in contemporary strategy and crisis management. But while social media is noisier and more chaotic than traditional media, and unprecedented in its immediacy and accessibility, has it thus far been a game changer in strategic affairs?

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Survival: August 2023: History Lessons - In this issue:

  • François Heisbourg assesses that Ukraine might have to accept the de facto division of the country to secure a fast track into NATO
  • Daniel Byman writes that state ties to terrorist groups are likely to feature in the western alliance’s long-term confrontation with Russia and in its rivalry with China
  • Juan Pablo Medina Bickel and Irene Mia assess that global climate mitigation and the energy transition could reinforce South America’s geopolitical clout
  • And more thought-provoking pieces, as well as our regular Book Reviews and Noteworthy column.
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