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River Publishers is an international publisher, headquartered in Denmark. River publishes research monographs, professional books, handbooks, edited volumes and journals with focus on key research areas within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (STEM). 

Taylor & Francis is a worldwide distributor for River Publishers. 

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Finance and Accounting for Energy Engineers

Finance and Accounting for Energy Engineers - This book is written as a self-study guide for energy and non-energy engineers and managers who either lack formal training in the subjects of finance, accounting, and engineering economics, or simply need a means to refresh their knowledge in these subjects. This book bridges the gap between the typical business school "MBA" knowledge and its application in enery and non-engergy engineering, project management or manufacturing management.

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Machine Learning for Healthcare Systems - The introduction of digital technology in the healthcare industry is marked by ongoing difficulties with implementation and use. Slow progress has been made in unifying different healthcare systems, and much of the world still lacks a fully integrated healthcare system. The intrinsic complexity and development of human biology, as well as the differences across patients, have repeatedly demonstrated the significance of the human element in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

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Applications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Smart Energy Systems In the era of propelling traditional energy systems to evolve towards smart energy systems, including power generation, energy storage systems, and electricity consumption have become more dynamic. The quality and reliability of power supply are impacted by the sporadic and rising use of electric vehicles, domestic loads, and industrial loads.

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Spotlight on: Powering Through

Electrical Power Systems Technology Book Cover

The threats to the electricity grid are on the rise at the same time as society is increasing its dependence on electricity for every aspect of our personal, social, and economic lives. We are accelerating that dependence – looking to the electrification of transportation and buildings as a way to stem the threats of climate change. Those threats have now arrived (in the form of more extreme weather, droughts, and wildfire) and they are joined by increasing threats from an aging grid and cyberattacks. The grid we rely on is experiencing increasingly vulnerable external forces.

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RP Book Discussion – Powering Through, Alex Rakow and Brian Levite

Alex Rakow and Brian Levite talk to Philippa Jefferies about their forthcoming book 'Powering Through: Energy Resilience Planning from Grid to Government'. 
They discuss what resilience is, its importance, and why they have now included resilience from the Grid and Government perspective.